ASTM A193 B8 Class 2 Bolts

ASTM A193 B8 Class 2 Bolts

What are ASTM A193 B8 Class 2 Bolts?

The ASTM A193 B8 Class 2 bolts are carbide treated strain hardened 304/304L grades. ASTM A193 B8 Class 2 Bolts are employed to strongly affix different materials in their correct place. They are very strong and ensure leakproof sealing. The b8 class 2 bolts are designed with a superior chemical composition of chromium and nickel with other constituting alloys. The A193 B8 Class 2 Bolt have outstanding corrosion resistance properties and work well across different temperatures.

The SA 193 B8 Class 2 Stud Bolt is designed with outstanding mechanical properties. These bolt have a tensile strength of 860mpa with a yield strength of 690mpa. The versatile B8 Class 2 Socket Head Cap Screws can be elongated by 28% and have a hardness of 321 HBW.

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ASTM A193 B8 Class 2 Bolts Specifications

ASTM A193 B8 Class 2 Bolts Properties

ASTM A193 B8 Class 2 Bolts Heat Treatment

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What is the importance of ASTM in b8 class 2 bolts?

The ASTM standard in the ASTM A 193 GR B8 CL 2 Square Bolt ensures that quality raw material are used to produce industry grade bolts. These standards help specify, test, and assess the physical, mechanical and chemical properties of the A193 Gr B8 Class 2 Anchor Bolts. Thus quality-control policy allows the bolt to perform well in different conditions.

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What is the different types of A193 B8 Class 2 Bolts threads?

There are 3 classes of threads for a 3A thread. The CL 1 threads of A193 B8 Class 2 Studs have a loose thread fit. These bolt are used for quick assembly and disassembly where contaminants may affect the threads. The class 2 threads of SA 193 Gr B8 CL 2 Carriage Bolt are an ideal choice covering both strength and function. These threads offer manufacturing efficiency and are used in structural applications. The class 3 threads have a tighter tolerance and a low allowance.

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Difference between A193 B8 Class 1 & B8 Class 2 bolts

The difference between bolts of class 1 and 2 of the A193 B8 grade is their heat treatment procedures. The ASTM B8 Class 2 Eye Bolt is carbide solution treated and later strain hardened. The bolt of class 1 are only subjected to carbide solution treatment. Class 1 has the BPF manufacturer’s logo and B8 grade marking. The B8sh bolt of class 2 have the BPF manufacturers logo and B8SH grade marking.

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Difference between fine thread and coarse thread A193 b8 cl2 Hex Bolts

A fine thread of the A193 b8 cl2 Hex Bolt has a large no of threads at a distance. A coarse threaded fastener has a smaller number of threads for the same distance. Fine threaded SA193 B8 CL. 2 Heavy Hex Bolt has higher strength in comparison to coarse thread grades. Coarse threaded fasteners are less likely to strip or cross thread due to their deep ridges. The fine thread ASTM A193 Grade B8 CL 2 Flange Bolt have less torque and have self-locking capacity. Coarse threads work well in brittle conditions and have less gaging.

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What is the Carbide Solution Treatment & Strain Hardened process of B8 class 2 bolts?

The class 2 bolt of the B8 grade are solution annealed, and later water quenched to give maximum corrosion resistance. In strain hardening, the ASTM A193 B8 CL 2 Threaded Rod is subjected to plastic deformation. This allows it to have enhanced hardness and strength.