ASTM A193 B8C Bolts

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ASTM A193 B8C Bolts

What is a B8c bolt?

The B8c bolt is a fastener that is used to affix different materials together. A B8c bolt covers the standard material specification of the 347 grade. The bolt is designed with the superior chemical content of nickel, chromium, and columbium. This gives the ASTM A193 B8C Bolts superior corrosion and oxidation resistance properties.

The A193 b8c grade bolt can handle higher temperatures and in oxidative and high pressure conditions. The austenitic grade ASTM A193 B8c Square Bolts are classified in either class 1 or class 2 specification. The class 1 grade is carbide solution treated, while class 2 A193 B8c Stud Bolt is strain hardened and carbide solution treated.

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ASTM A193 B8c Bolts Specifications

ASTM A193 B8c Bolts Properties

ASTM A193 B8c Bolts Tensile Class

ASTM A193 B8c Socket Head Cap Screws as per ISO 4762, DIN 912 standards

What is the function of ASTM A193 B8C Bolts?

The A193 GRB8c Carriage Bolts are corrosion resistance materials that securely affix different materias. These bolts can be threaded externally and can handle higher weights and temperatures. ASTM B8c Hex Bolts help improve product quality and make them safer. These bolts help improve international standardization that facilitates trade. The ASTM A193 gr B8c Flange Bolts can be used in connecting two or more parts of the material.

A193 gr 8c Socket Head Cap Screws and B8c bolt for OCTG, oil and gas sector

What is the difference between a SA 193 B8c machine bolt and A193 gr 8c Socket Head Cap Screws?

The A193 gr 8c Socket Head Cap Screws are barrel shaped cylindrical head sockets. These screws can be mounted with a counterbored hole. The SA193 B8c Machine Bolts are typically designed with a finer and more accurate threads. These bolts are generally designed with a tapped hole or nut.

The socket head SA 193 B8c Eye Bolt has a smaller diameter as compared to machined screw heads. The socket head cap screws are typically 1.5 times its nominal thread diameter. A machined ASTM A193 Grade B8c Threaded Rod has blunt ends, while machine screws are smaller in length and diameter.

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What happens if I don’t use washers with ASTM B8c Hex Bolts?

If you don’t use a washer on ASTM B8c Hex Bolts, then the lifespan of the device reduces drastically. These bolts ensure that the material is securely closed and affixed in place. Washers used in the B8c Stainless Steel U Bolts allow for even distribution of load from the bolt head over to the larger area. If a washer is not used there will be uneven weight distribution which can damage the device. There are different washers used to support the SA 193 Gr B8c Heavy Hex Bolt. These washers ensure that the device has a longer life span and optimum functionality.

A193 Gr B8c Anchor Bolts and SA 193 Gr B8c Heavy Hex Bolt with high power ultrasonic inspection reports

What is the purpose of the A193 B8c Stud Bolt proof test?

The purpose of performing a proof test on ASTM A 193 GR B8c Studs is to test the lifting capacity of the material. These studs are used to check the integrity and overall performance of the grade.

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