ASTM A210 tubing

ASTM A210 Tubing

What is ASTM A210?

The permanent identifier A 210/A 210M is used to identify this tubing; the numeral that follows the identification denotes the technology adoption year or, in the event of modification, the date of the most recent revision. Steel ASME SA 210, carbon Boiler tubes, and ventilation systems, comprising safety extremities, arch & stay pipes, and superheater pipes, are all covered by seamless piping. It also includes minimal wall width, seamless medium-carbon steel, and boiler pipes.
The standards of ASTM A 520 shall augment and override those of this standard if ASME SA 210 Seamless Carbon Steel Boiler Tubes need to be utilized in installations compliant with ISO Guidelines for Boiler Installation.

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ASTM A210 equivalent, dimensions, and specification

ASTM A210 Tubing Specification

ASTM A210 Tubing Properties

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What are the grades of ASME sa210 carbon steel seamless tubing?

There are two grades of ASME SA 210 carbon steel seamless boiler tubes: SA 210 gr A1 pipes and SA 210 gr C pipes. Both grades have varied tensile strength, yield strength, hardness, and other mechanical characteristics. Even the two ASTM A210 heat exchanger tube grades differ in the ingredients they contain and their proportions.
Because of these variations in elemental composition, both grades have unique skills. As a result, they are employed in numerous applications in various industries and situations, depending on their area of expertise. The two types of ASTM A210 tubing differ in their ability to withstand corrosion. Both SA210 tube grades offer advantages and disadvantages with relation to application.

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What is the hardness of ASTM a210 heat exchanger pipes?

The hardness of the SA210 tubes varies between the two grades. The SA 210 pipework has an estimated hardness of 79 HRB Max. This P1 material is used to create the Finned Pipe SA 210 Grade A1, which possesses a better hardness of 85 HRB max. In contrast, the SA 210 Grade C heat exchanger pipe has a maximum hardness of 89 HRB.
Due to their elemental composition (higher proportion of chromium), Superheat Tubes ASTM A210 have a relatively high hardness. Additionally, the ASTM A210 Boiler Pipes have good hardenability and may be welded utilizing a variety of accepted techniques. These ASTM a210 tubes are easily extended by 30%.

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Advantages and disadvantages of ASTM a210 boiler pipe

ASTM A210 standards are beneficial in certain ways but problematic in others, just because everything has 2 aspects, as everyone knows.
Although both the compressive strength and hardness parameters are taken into consideration in the specifications for ASME SA210 Gr A1 Pressure Vessel Pipes, these two characteristics are only applicable to specified size restrictions.
Such tubing is capable of withstanding bends, soldering, forging, extension, and other procedures. SA210 U tubing, which is specifically designed for heat exchanger purposes, can be created for the tubing. SA210 U pipes have the benefit of not requiring bend connections to bend the tubes, which is a benefit.

List of ASTM A210 Tubing types

ASME sa210 seamless carbon steel boiler tubes

ASME sa210 seamless carbon steel boiler tubes

tubo ASTM a210

Tubo ASTM a210

SA210 boiler tubing

SA210 boiler tubing

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How to select tube ASTM A210?

The first thing we need to do is determine what we need the A210 tubes for. So, we can choose our pipe based on our needs.
Second, the tubes must be produced using a seamless technique and completed either hot or cold, depending on the requirements. It should not be shot at or pricked; pay close attention to the pipe’s condition.
We can go to the retail seller and describe our needs and setup, and they will recommend the ASTM A210 tube to us as the best option. You can research the pipes’ specifics (quality, dimensions), and then you’ll be able to choose the appropriate sa210 boiler pipe

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What are the manufacturing methods of sa210 boiler tubing?

The first manufacturing process, including both moderate-pressure and elevated-pressure boiler tubes, involves fine drawing, surface brightening, hot rolling, cold drawing, and heat expansion. However, the following measures are conducted to strengthen and increase the resistance of elevated pressure tubes.

  • Increased-pressure boiler tubes are undergoing heat treatment, which involves both heating and cooling the sa210 boiler tubes to improve their toughness, hardness, and wear resistance.
  • The increased pressure of sa210 boiler tubing is quenched to strengthen its hardness.
  • The brittleness of the tube is eliminated through tempering.
  • The internal pressure in the tube can be reduced by annealing. The continuous pipe is heated to a critical temperature in this procedure, then allowed to slowly cool in ash or lime.