ASTM A216 Grade WCB valve

ASTM A216 Grade WCB valve

What is the ASTM a216 gr Wcb valve?

As valves are made in different materials, sizes and types, there are standards to govern the properties and qualities of the valves. The A216 gr WCB valve is a type of valve that is regulated under ASTM standards. These are ball valves made up of cast iron material. There are grades A, B, and C in the cast iron, and the grades are denoted as WCA, WCB, and WCC. Each of them has different properties.

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Astm A216 Grade Wcb Valve Specification

Astm A216 Grade Wcb Valve Properties

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What does Wcb stand for on an ASTM a216 gr Wcb ball valve?

The abbreviation stands for Weldable Cast B grade carbon steel. So the ball valves made of this material are called the ASTM a216 gr WCB ball valve and they are not processed through a eutectic transformation. The valve material determines where the valve can be applied and what the working capacities of the valve are. The ASTM a216 gr WCB gate valve undergoes the solidification process to get its desired strength and mechanical properties.

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What is the difference between a216 Wcb and Wcc?

Both are cast carbon steel materials, but the Cs ASTM a216 gr WCB globe valve has lower strength compared to the WCB material-made valves. The WCB valves are the most common as they are cost-effective and have high strength to operate in most applications. The ASTM a216 grade WCB valve has a 20-inch size, and belongs to class 300. It has a total of 60 turns to open. The material also has a tensile strength of 570 MPa and a yield strength of 280 MPa.

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What is an a216 gr Wcb material in valves?

The material is made up of iron, manganese, silicon, carbon, sulfur, phosphorus, and residuals. This composition provides the ASTM a216 grade WCB carbon steel valves with the specific properties they hold. They can operate at a maximum service temperature of 500° Celsius because they have a high melting point of over 1380° Celsius. The Sa 216 gr WCB ball valve can therefore be applied in systems with high temperatures.

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What are some benefits provided by the ASTM a216 gr Wcb valve?

UNS j03002 check valve is strong and wears resistance. The wear resistance and the abrasion resistance properties of the material make it a good choice for valve bodies. The valve also can operate under high temperatures because of its high-temperature resistance. The ASME sa216 gr. WCB ball valve also absorbs high stress due to their high tensile strength. It can be installed in water, oil, and gas, and in other high-pressure, high temperatures applications.

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How does a SA216 gr Wcb ball valve work?

The ball valves operate by a mechanism where the stem is connected to a handwheel outside the valve body and the ball inside the valve body. The Sa 216 gr WCB gate valve is turned on and off with a quarter turn. The ball has openings on the opposite sides and the openings can be aligned with the openings of the pipe in the open position. When the handwheel is turned to a quarter turn, the ball turns the openings perpendicular to the axis of flow and blocks the flow.