ASTM A234 WP12 Fittings

ASTM A234 WP12 Fittings

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What Is ASTM A234 WP12 Fittings?

This standard is intended for applications involving moderate to high-temperature environments. The material used to produce 42 ASTM A234 WP12 Fittings is either carbon steel or alloy steel.

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What Is SA 234 WP12 Buttweld Elbow Cutting Formula?

Consider the elbow is divided into three parts longitudinally. Each line is to be labelled as 1, 2 & 3. The distance (radius) between each line will differ (R1, R 2 & R 3). The circumference of the elbow is 360 degrees.

  • 1 = (Pi x 2 x R1 x B)/360
  • 2 = (Pi x 2 x R2 x B)/360
  • 3 = (Pi x 2 x R3 x B))/360


  • Pi is a constant of 3.142
  • R1 is the Outside radius of the elbow = elbow centre radius + half of OD of the elbow.
  • R2 is the Elbow radius at the centre = 1.5 times of nominal pipe diameter of the elbow for long-radius elbows.
  • R3 is the Inside radius of the elbow = equal to the elbow centre radius – ½ OD of the elbow.

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When Would You Use an A234 WP12 Pipe Reducer?

Reducers are used to connect pipes of two different diameters to form a pipeline. They can gradually reduce the pipe’s diameter gradually by a size or two.

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Installation benefits Of Grade WP12 Stub End

Apart from reducing the overall cost of the application, WP12 Stub End speeds up the installation process for a lap joint flange, by aligning bolt holes. The material has high tensile strength and good toughness. Carbon steel alloys usually can withstand high temperatures, while alloy steels offer corrosion resistance properties slightly higher than the former fittings.

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Surface Treatment Of SA234 WP12 Alloy Steel Return Bends

Surface treatments carried out on the SA234 WP12 Alloy Steel Return Bends include- Sand Rolling and Sand Blasting. Both techniques prepare the fittings to be evenly coated by either galvanization, electroplating or painting.