ASTM A234 WPA Fittings

ASTM A234 WPA Fittings

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What are ASTM A234 WPA fittings?

The fittings produced in standard ASTM A234, are made from carbon or alloy steel. They have the ability to withstand higher pressures, making the ASTM A234 WPA Fittings useful in the petrochemical industry.

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Types of SA234 Grade WPA elbow based on connection with a pipe?

Based on their connections, elbows are classified as socket weld, threaded or buttweld fittings.

  • Buttweld elbows form a direct connection with the pipe. They are used for elevated temperature applications. The bevel edge of these fittings permits proper penetration of the weld.
  • Threaded elbows are similar to socket weld elbows in terms of appearance. They are easy to install and remove because the openings of the fitting have been machined with threads.
  • Socket weld elbows are welded to a pipe. A steel pipe can be inserted into the trapezoid area at the opening of the fitting. The diameter of a socket weld elbow is larger than the diameter of a pipe.

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Outer die method of A234 Gr WPA Reducer: manufacturing process

The outer die method is one of the most popular techniques used in the manufacture of reducer fittings. The first step in this process is the cutting of a pipe, which is then pressed into the outer die. This action causes the pipe to compress into a smaller size on one end. The technique is ideal to manufacture small to medium-sized A234 Gr WPA Reducers.

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What are ASTM A234 WPA carbon steel fittings used for?

Carbon steel alloys have high mechanical strength and good toughness. Because the content of carbon is substantial in this alloy, it exhibits higher hardness. These properties are beneficial in industries like petrochemical processing, power generating, chemical processing and OEM manufacturing.

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Testing of A234 WPA fittings

A234 WPA fittings are put through different tests. Some of the examinations subjected to the A234 WPA elbow include – The Charpy test, hydrostatic test(proof test), Liquid Penetration Examination(LPE).