ASTM A234 WPC Fittings

ASTM A234 WPC Fittings

SA234 Gr WPC elbow and reducer suppliers in UAE

What are ASTM A234 WPC fittings?

These fittings are made from carbon steel, making them resistant to high levels of heat. The higher content of carbon gives them good strength and toughness properties as well. In particular, they are useful in sectors that have harsh conditions like petrochemical, oil and gas.

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How to get a high-quality SA234 Gr WPC elbow?

Achieving high-quality status for an elbow fitting is possible by using good-quality products and following the standard keeping tighter tolerance levels. Seamless elbows are preferred because they are stronger and have no risk of intergranular corrosion. Furthermore, inspection carried out can eliminate the lesser quality fitting. It is also possible to increase the properties such as mechanical strength and corrosion resistance of the fittings by carrying out surface treatments.

ASTM A234 WPC stub end and ASTM A234 Gr WPC 45/ 90/ 180 degree elbow available in 1/2″ To 48 Inch as per ASME B16.9, check CS 234 WPC end cap price per kg

Surface treatment of A234 WPC carbon steel tee

Usually, carbon steel ASTM A234 WPC Fittings are surface treated with either Rust-proof black oil or Transparent oil. To improve their corrosion resistance properties, they are hot galvanized.

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How to measure SA234 WPC buttweld reducer?

A reducer is measured by its height, inner diameter and outer diameter. The height of the reducer is measured from one end to the other.

Check SA 234 Gr WPC concentric/eccentric reducer chemical composition and dimensions, buy SA234 WPC LR/ SR elbow with material testing reports

What industries are A234 WPC pipe fittings used in?

A234 WPC Pipe Fittings is very popular in oil and gas, modern architecture, petroleum, fertilizers, electronics, plumbing and chemical processing sectors.