ASTM A242 steel plate

astm a242 steel plate

What is astm a242 steel plate ?

The astm a242 is a high strength, low alloy grade structural steel. Astm a242 steel plate has a chemical content of carbon, manganese, phosphorous, sulfur, and copper. The outstanding astm a242 chemical composition gives it enhanced corrosion resistance properties. The addition of copper helps further enhance its tolerances. The astm a242 plate has higher temperature resistance, up to 800 degrees f.

The plates have good hardness and weather resistance in different atmospheric conditions. The superior astm a242 steel properties allow this steel to be used in different applications. The astm a242 steel equivalent grade is bs-6323-5/6, jis g3445, astm a214, astm a424 gr 1, din 17177, and en 10217-1/2.

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Astm A242 Steel Plate Specification

Astm A242 Steel Plate Properties

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Astm a242 type 1 vs type 2

The astm a242 type 1 and type 2 are structural steel grades. The astm a242 type 2 plate has a higher carbon and manganese content compared to the type 1 astm a242 grade. The astm a242 type 1 plate is the most used grade and has slightly better mechanical properties than the type 2 specification.


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Why is china exporting astm a242 plate below cost of production?

China produces the largest quantity of steel in the world. The country produces the a242 corten steel plate in bulk. The production value is above what they require to fulfill the needs of their domestic markets. This propels them to supply low quality cheap materials in the market. Also, by supplying cheap steel they create a monopoly in the market.


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Astm a242 plate advantages and disadvantages

The astm a242 is a high quality weathering steel grade that has excellent strength. These plates have good atmospheric corrosion resistance and excellent ductility and weldability. The disadvantage of the plate is that rust on the outer surface creates discoloration. These treatments are not cheap and are well suited for high end buildings.


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What is density of plate astm a242 ?

The astm a242 plate has a density of 7.80 g/cc.


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Which welding process is use for astm a242 type 2 plate ?

The astm a242 type 2 plates can be welded following standard welding procedures. The plates can be welded by arc welding, manual shielded arc, submerged arc, gas metal arc, and flux cored arc welding. Different electrodes are used to weld the plate astm a242 efficiently.