ASTM a249 tp304L tube

ASTM a249 tp304l tube

What is astm a249 tp304l?

Boiler pipes & heat exchanger pipes made of stainless-steel grade 304l are covered by the ASME A249 TP304L standard specification. The austenitic class sa249 tp304l tube was created with a low amount of carbon. Such tubes are composed of both chromium and nickel in their chemical’s makeup. The tubes are better able to withstand corrosive and oxidizing fluids as a result.
The austenitic stainless-steel tubes made to ASTM A249 TP 304L perform well in high-temperature environments and exhibit improved formability, enabling them to be shaped to precise proportions. Due to its strong resistance to sensitization, the ASME SA249 grade 304l boiler tube can be welded using conventional techniques.

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ASTM A249 Tp304L dimensions, and specification

ASTM A249 Tp304L Tube Specification

ASTM A249 Tp304L Tube Properties

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Sa249 tp304l vs 316l

Due to the presence of chromium, nickel, and molybdenum in these low-carbon alloy steel tubes, the main distinction between ASME SA249 gr 304l seamless tube and ASME SA249 gr 316l seamless tube is their respective chromium, nickel, and molybdenum contents.
Comparatively speaking, ASTM A249 gr 304L superheater tubing contains less nickel than ASTM A249 gr 316L superheater tubing. In comparison to SA 249 TP 316L heat exchanger tubes, SA 249 TP 304L heat exchanger tubes have a higher chromium concentration.
Molybdenum, which is missing from grade 304L tubing, is furthermore present in grade 316L tubing. Both classes’ mechanical characteristics are identical in every other respect.

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Is sa249 tp304l tube weldable?

The ASTM A249 304l Welded Pipe may be welded with frequently used welding procedures and seems to have good weldable qualities. One of these qualities is its excellent formability, which enables the metal to be easily fabricated into the required SA 249 TP 304l Stainless Steel Welded Tubing.
Electric welding at high voltage is used to weld these pipes together. Any filler ingredient is necessary for the high voltage to connect them into place. A boiler tube made of ASME SA249 gr 304l is simple to produce and straightforward to weld.
TP304 stainless steel can be utilized in a range of applications, including the petroleum and gas, factory, food manufacturing, medicinal, and pharmaceutical industries, due to its excellent forming & welding characteristics.

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Where a249 tp304l tubing utilized?

Food and beverage production, petrochemicals, and infrastructure are just a few of the applications and sectors that utilize ASTM A249 stainless steel 304L square pipe. Despite having great corrosion protection at room temperature, a249 tp304l tubing is one of the most widely used grades of stainless steel made tubes in the world.
These tubes are primarily made to function in extreme heat. Because of its outstanding resistance to corrosion at ordinary temperatures and also in typical air circumstances, including its capability to withstand certain natural acids, ASME SA249 grade 304l boiler tubes are often used in the processed food and beverage industry. Among the most popular grade of steel manufactured tubes worldwide is SS 304L Pipe.

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What is manufacturing process of astm a249 grade 304l ERW boiler tube?

The process of making ASTM A249 Grade 304l ERW Boiler Tube involves cold-forming a steel plate into a cylindrical form. The metal is then heated until the two ends are pressed together just to establish a connection without using welding filler metal.
At that stage electricity is transmitted between the two terminals of the metal. Originally, low-frequency AC was employed in this production process. the margins were heated by the current. Up until 1970, this low-frequency procedure was in use.
The high-frequency ERW process, which generated a weld of superior quality, replaced the low-frequency method in 1970. ASTM A249 TP 304l ERW Tubing is still made using the high-frequency method for use in Tube development.

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Why ASME sa 249 TP 304l welded stainless steel tubing not required filler material?

High-frequency electricity is used to rapidly heat the two ends and push them together just to form a connection. Contaminants in the high-temperature region are expelled during the welding process, but there is no need for filler material in the longitudinal ERW seams.
The technique is much simpler and safe with this form of welding thanks to advancements in high-frequency electrical impulses for welding. When compared to the traditional double-submerged arc welding technique, which results in a visible welded bead that may need to be removed, this is a notable change.