ASTM a249 tp316L tube

ASTM a249 tp316l tube

What is astm a249 tp316l?

316L austenitic alloy steel is used to create the high-pressure grade specified by ASME A249 TP316L. Low-carbon type ASTM A249 TP316L tubes are made with a better combination of Ni, Cr, and Mo.
As a result, the tubes exhibit good tolerance to corrosive environments including general acid-related pitting. The adaptable ASME SA249 gr 316l seamless tube performs admirably in high-heat environments and exhibits improved protection to crack damage in the structure.
The a249 tp316l tubing may easily be welded in the position since they are resistive to sensitization. These pipes can be rolled either warmly or coldly. Pressurized vessel grade SA 24 grade TP 316L cold-drawn piping is utilized.

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ASTM A249 Tp316L dimensions, and specification

ASTM A249 Tp316L Tube Specification

ASTM A249 Tp316L Tube Properties

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Sa249 tp316l vs 316

While 316L is an ultra-low-carbon, type of alloy steel, grade 316 is a low-carbon, but not an ultra-low-carbon, type of stainless steel. In comparison to ASTM A249 TP316 tubing (0.08), the carbon concentration in ASTM A249 TP316L (0.035) is quite low.
ASME SA249 grade 316l boiler tubes (0.045) have a higher phosphorus concentration than ASME SA249 grade 316 boiler tubes (0.04). The mechanical characteristics of the two classes are different. In comparison to the grade 316 tube, the grade 316l tube has a lower tensile strength. When compared to the grade 316 tube, grade 316l has a lower yield strength.

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What is pitting resistance of sa249 tp316l tube?

The ASTM A249 Grade 316l ERW Boiler Tube has a substantially higher pitting resistance because of specific natural acids. Pitting of SA 249 tp316l heat exchanger tube is the formation of pits on an alloy surface caused by localized corrosion.
Additionally, the metal has excellent protection against corrosion. Particularly when these tubes have been driven to environments that encourage deterioration by oxidation. Pitting can be evaluated using A sliding caliper can be used to assess the reduction in dimension or pitting level. Cross-section loss is determined by comparing the loss of mass through corrosion on a particular length of reinforcement to its starting mass.

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How should select a249 tp316l tubing?

To select ASTM A249 gr 316l Superheater Tubing that is appropriate and of high quality, keep these things in mind:

  • Take a closer look at the pipe’s cross-section. A high-quality seamless pipe would be free of lumps and imperfections and possess a smooth cross-section.
  • To determine the number of contaminants in the tube, look at its density. Avoid the area if the tube indicates low density.
  • Please verify the trademark. On SA 249 TP 316l Stainless Steel Welded Tubing, reputable producers always stamp their trademarks.
  • Verify the boiler pipe’s surface. A boiler pipe of a high caliber will possess a smooth outside. You may be certain that the quality isn’t good enough if the texture is rough and irregular.
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Astm a249 grade 316l ERW boiler tube price difference in UAE and India

The cost of the ASTM A249 TP 316l ERW Tubing is much higher in UAE when compared to India. There are numerous causes for the price difference in ASME SA 249 TP 316l Welded Stainless Steel Tubing. These are only a few of them:

  • In one place, natural resources are more costly than in another.
  • The labour cost is different for the two places.
  • Servicing comes with different costs.
  • The expenditures made by the two nations in quality assurance and management differ.
  • India does not invest nearly as much money in industrial stabilization as UAE does.
  • Every nation has a distinct tax system.
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What is equivalent material of ASME SA 249 TP 316l welded stainless steel tubing?

The material that is equivalent to ASME SA 249 grade TP 316L welded stainless steel pipe is 316S11 in ancient British, X2CrNiMo17-12-2, which possesses a number of 1.4404 in euro norms, 2348 in Swedish SS, and SUS 316L in Japanese’s JIS. These grades are pronounced identically with stainless steel pipes made from ASTM SA249 grade TP 316L.
Their elemental compositions are practically identical. They share similar mechanical characteristics, including tensile strength and % elongation. To corrosion, pitting, etc., they will exhibit nearly the same resistance. This substance resembles its predecessor in characteristics.