ASTM A269 tubing

ASTM a269 tubing

What is ASTM A269?

Stainless or rust-free steel with chromium-iron nickel revolutionized the industrial world for the past century. The 300 series of stainless steel were improving with new versions of higher chromium and nickel composition. ASTM A 269 is the specification standard for many 300 stainless steel to make pipes and tubes with high quality and safety.

ASTM A269 tubing made from welded and seamless austenitic steels is best for general service. ASTM A269 pipe has mechanical integrity, high pitting corrosion, and excellent flexibility in many sectors like chemical, textile, paper, etc.

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ASTM A269 Tubing Specification

ASTM A269 Tubing Properties

What are ASTM A269 tubing specifications?

ASTM A269 tubing specifications are for size, thickness, chemical composition, surface finish, delivery condition, etc. A few of the specifications include the following:

  • ASTM A 269 tubing sizes differ as per the customers’ requirements and have 3/8” x 0.035, length 20 ft or 6096 mm
  • ASTM A269 shapes include square, round, rectangular, straight, hydraulic, coiled, honed tubes, etc.
  • ASTM A269 manufacturing types include seamless, welded, ERW, welded, CDW, CDS, CEW, DOM, etc.
  • A 269 delivery conditions AP or annealed & pickled, BA or polished & bright annealed, mirror polished, cold drawn, etc.

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ASTM A269 and A213

ASTM A 269 and A 213 are both specification standards for stainless steel. But A 269 tubing made from austenitic alloys is more corrosion resistant than A 213, as it gets made from ferritic and austenitic alloys. ASTM SA 269 tubing and A 213 tubing have the following differences.

  • 269 specifications are for welded austenitic tubes with average wall thickness, whereas A 213 is for seamless ferritic and austenitic alloys without a minimum wall thickness
  • The higher chromium and nickel composition in A 269 than A 213 makes it ideal for many high-end applications needing high strength to corrosion resistance.

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Which grades involve in the A269 tubing spec?

Many 300 series stainless steel grades are involved in the A269 tubing spec. Though they differ in chemical composition, they have a few common properties. All the steel grades have solution heat treatment at a minimum temperature of 1900 F or 1040 C. And all have the same Brinell hardness of 192HBW/200HV and Rockwell hardness of 90 HRN. The grades involved in ASTM A269 SS tubing specifications include.

  • A269TP 304 and TP 304L A have chromium 18-20%, 8-12% nickel, 2% manganese, 1% silicon, phosphorous 0.045%, silicon 0.030% but with the different carbon content of 0.08%and 0.035%
  • TP 316 and 316L have additional molybdenum of 2-3% with chromium of 16-18%, and nickel of 10-15%
  • TP 324 and 347 also have similar chromium and nickel composition without molybdenum
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What is the manufacturing process of ASTM A269 seamless stainless steel tubing?

ASTM A269 seamless stainless steel tubing manufacturing includes both seamless and welded processes. Reputed suppliers deliver the ASME SA269 stainless steel seamless tubing in hot or cold finished form. The manufacturing technique of ASME SA269 stainless steel tube includes cold rolled or draw, extrusion tube and hot rolled.

It is essential to conduct many tests to confirm compliance with the ASTM, ASME, DFARS and other standards. ASTM A269 stainless steel tubing tests include raw materials test, 3.2 MTC or material test certificate, 100% radiography test, third party inspection, etc.

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What is the heat treatment of ASTM A269 seamless tubing?

Most of the steel grades of ASTM A 269 seamless tubing should be at a minimum temperature of 1900 F or 1040 C. Rapid cooling after heating is critical, and there are many methods to do it, including quenching in cool water. For customers’ requirements below the minimum temperature, they should mention it in all the tubes after the suffix”HT.”

The specifications suitable for the heat treatment of ASTM A269 tube are in the guide to have unique service characteristics. Heat treatments for steel grades S31254, S 32654, and S24565 should be at a minimum temperature of 2100 F or 1150 C.