ASTM A283 pipe

ASTM A283 Pipe

What is ASTM A283 pipe?

With increasing industrial and commercial structures, the need for low-carbon steel is o the rise. It is because these steels are strong, weldable, machinable, and affordable ASTM A283 is a low-carbon steel alloy with 99% iron and 0.9% manganese to be solid and cheap. Also, it has less than 0.14% carbon, 0.2% copper, and 0.04 % of phosphorous. Also, it has silicon and sulfur to be suitable for making pipes and tubes useful in many applications.

ASTM A 283 pipe is made of solid and affordable many grades of A 283 carbon steel like A, B, C, and D. ASTM A283 carbon steel pipe is ideal for making many pipes. It includes automotive, mechanical, petroleum cracking, high-pressure boiler, chemical fertilizer equipment, heat exchanger, and other tubes.

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ASTM A283 equivalent, sizes and specification

ASTM A283 Pipe Specification

ASTM A283 Pipe Properties

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ASTM A283 vs A285

ASTM A 283 and A 285 are carbon steel iron alloys with intermediate strength and low costs. Because of structural quality, ASTM A283 grade C seamless pipe is best for general applications. But A285 pipes and tubes are best even for retaining pressure applications. Other differences between ASTM A283m pipe and A 285 pipe include the following.

  • ASTM A283 and A285 material chemical composition and mechanical properties are differ
  • A283 and A285 have different yield and tensile strengths to be useful in many applications

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What are the grades of the A283 steel pipe?

A283 steel pipes are available in four grades with different chemical compositions and mechanical properties. ASTM A283 grade C steel pipe and other lines made from the four grades A, B, C, and D have the following characteristics.

  • The “A” grade A 283 pipes have lower strength but high flexibility than other carbon steel pipes.
  • B grade A 283 pipes have low to medium tensile strength of 345 to 450 and yield strength of 215 MPa.
  • C grade A 283 pipes are the most used A 283 pipes and tubes because of their easy weldability and corrosion resistance in pressure vessels and boilers.
  • D grade A 283 pipes have higher tensile and yield strength, even more than the C grade.

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ASTM A283 grade C vs S275JR

ASTM A283 grade C carbon steel pipe is equivalent to EN 10025 2 S235JR steel as both are low-carbon steel. Hence most of the chemical compositions are the same for both, and so are the mechanical properties. But there are differences in both that include the following among others.

  • ASTM A283 grade C pipe has more carbon content of 0.24% than the 0.19% of S275 JR
  • S275 JR has a higher manganese content of 1.5% and copper content of 0.60 than the 0.9 and 02% of A 283-grade steel
  • S275 JR also has higher sulfur, phosphorous and additional nitrogen than A 283 carbon steel-iron alloy pipes
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Difference between ASTM and BS EN

From the first industrial revolution to the fourth, the need for high-quality materials for many purposes has risen. High-quality pipes and tubes have become critical to avoid automobile and machine failures. Also, for the smooth functioning of many industrial processes. Hence there are many prestigious standardizing bodies worldwide that specify standards for the many materials.

ASTM, American Society for Testing Materials, is one such reputed standardizing organization in over 140 countries for the past century. EN or European Standard from its German name for standardizing many materials. BS EN is the British standard adopted for EN for pipes and tubes. The difference between ASTM and BS EN materials is the American and European standardization for making pipes and tubes

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What is the hardness of A 283 gr C pipe?

A283-grade steel is an iron alloy available in four grades, the A 283 Gr. C pipe is ideal for use in many applications because of its higher strength than the A and B grades have, with higher manganese and copper content.

  • ASTM SA 283 gr C structural steel pipes have Rockwell hardness of B 64 to 79
  • ASTM A283 C pipe has a tensile strength of 55000 to 75000 psi or 379 to 517 MPa
  • A283 grade C carbon steel pipe has a fatigue strength of 170 MPa and tensile strength measured by Young’s modulus of 190 GPa