ASTM A307 anchor bolt

ASTM A307 Anchor Bolt

What is an A307 anchor bolt?

The A307 anchor bolt is high strength bolt employed to connect structural and non-structural elements to concrete. ASTM A307 Anchor Bolt can connect two or more equipment efficiently. These bolts are threaded at their ends and affixed with nuts or washers. SA307 Expansion Anchors are designed in L-shaped, double end rods, headed, and swedge module specifications. The versatile A307 anchors are known to have excellent mechanical properties and showcase enhanced corrosion resistance properties. The SA 307 J anchor bolt are available in different sizes and can be customized as per project needs.

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ASTM A307 Anchor Bolt Specifications

ASTM A307 Anchor Bolt Properties

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 A307 Anchor Bolt Dimensions

A307 headed anchor bolts and ASME SA307 wedge anchors suppliers in UAE

What is the purpose of an ASTM A307 anchor bolt?

The primary purpose of anchor bolt is to help anchor different materials. The A307 anchor bolt is employed to connect a range of structural and non-structural elements efficiently to concrete.

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What is the yield strength of A307 headed anchor bolts?

The A307 anchor headed bolts are designed with a minimum yield strength of 36ksi. The SA307 headed anchor bolt fracture when they exceed the said temperature.

A307 steel concrete anchors as per DIN 529 standard, check SA307 expansion anchors sizes, dimensions and torque chart

What size are ASME SA307 concrete anchor bolts?

Concrete ASME SA307 anchor bolts are designed with imperial sizes of 3/8 to 8. The A307 concrete anchor bolts have metric sizes from M10 to M100 or more.

A307 ASTM masonry anchors in M4 to M80 metric sizes, check SA307 sleeve/ bent anchor bolts diameter, price and equivalent

What is the diameter of A307 wedge anchors being used?

Wedge anchors have a unique design that allows fixtures to be used in concrete. The A307 wedge anchors are designed in standard diameters up from 10mm to 64mm or more.

ASTM A307 carbon steel red head, drive pin anchors and SA307 toggle bolts for construction use are available in hot dip galvanized finish in the Middle East

What are ASTM A307 anchors used for in construction?

The ASTM A307 anchors are used in the construction space as they assemble different components efficiently. A307 Steel Concrete Anchors allow transferring load and tension force in the system. These anchors are embedded into concrete to attach structural support. The common A307 ASTM Masonry Anchors are hangers, mechanical, spike, wall, and nail-in fasteners.