ASTM A307 bolts

ASTM A307 Bolts

What does A307 mean on a bolt?

The A307 bolt is a standard metal specification of carbon steel medium strength fasteners. ASTM A307 Bolts are threaded and allow for easy connection with different equipment. These bolts help create either a permanent or temporary connection. The A307 Heavy Hex Bolt range in diameter from 1/4 to 4. These bolts are designed in three grades, namely grades A, B, and C. Each of the A307 Hex Head Bolt grades has different specifications.

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ASTM A307 Bolts Specifications

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ASTM A307 Bolts Grades

Where are ASTM A307 Galvanized Bolts used?

The ASTM A307 galvanized bolt has a layer of zinc in its composition. ASTM A307 Galvanized Bolts are used in marine systems, wood floats, wooden fenders, floats, carriage applications, etc.

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What is ASTM A307 Material?

The ASTM A307 material covers standard bolting carbon steel grade for use in general purpose applications. ASTM A307 Material is composed of a chemical content of carbon, manganese, phosphorous, and sulfur. The ASTM A307 Carriage Bolts have a minimum tensile strength of 60ksi with a minimum yield strength of 36ksi. They can be elongated by 18% in the system. ASTM A307 U-bolts are securely affixed in place, making use of nuts or washers.

ASTM A307 metric bolts available at 60000 psi tensile strength, check SA307 hex bolts dimensions, equivalent grades

What is A307 Through Bolt equivalent to?

The A307 through bolt is equivalent to grade 2, grade 5, F1554 grade 36, grade 8, A325, etc. The equivalent grades of the A307 Through Bolt, however, have small differences.

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Can ASTM A307 Metric Bolts be galvanized?

The ASTM A307 metric bolts can be manufactured in different types of coatings. Generally, ASTM A307 Metric Bolt are normally galvanized, hot-dip galvanized and zinc plated.

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Are SA307 Hex Bolts fully threaded?

A hexagon bolt is characterized showcasing a six-sided hexagonal shape. The SA307 Hex Bolts can be either partially or fully threaded across its length. These bolts are typically seen in machinery, construction, and other applications.

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