ASTM A320 B8m Bolts

ASTM A320 gr B8m Socket Head Cap Screws and A320 B8m Hex Bolts suppliers in UAE

ASTM A320 B8m Bolts

What are ASTM A320 B8m Bolts?

A320 Grade B8m is a standard material specification used for bolting material made of alloy steel. The ASTM A320 B8m Bolts are found in valves, pressure vessels, fittings, and flanges for low temperature services. The A320 B8m is a head treated alloy steel that has chromium and molybdenum in its composition. Thus, the ASTM A320 B8m comes with a notch toughness properties. The A320 gr B8m has nearly identical chemical composition to t that of the 316 grade stainless steel.

The A320 gr 8m Heavy Hex Bolt are specially engineered for low temperature conditions. The A320 Grade B8m Anchor Bolt are used with structural and non-structural components, and to connect them with concrete. The ASTM A 320 GR B8m Square Bolt are quite similar to the hex bolt except for the fact that they have four-sided heads instead of six. The SA 320 Gr B8m Machine Bolt are regular four or six headed bolt, which comes with an external thread. It comes with a nut or tapped hole.

The SA320 B8m Flange Bolt come with circular flange under their head which acts like a washer for load distribution. The A320 GRB8m Heavy Hex Head Bolt comes with thicker head than regular hex bolt are designed for high strength industrial applications.

The ASTM A320 gr 8m Carriage Bolt are round headed and they are used to fasten wood to metal, or metal to metal. The A320 B8m SS 316 U Bolts come in the shape of letter U, and they are used for anchoring pipes. Due to their design, they provide better support than A320 B8m Stainless Steel J Bolts. The SA 320 Grade B8m Anchor Rods are used for connecting structural elements to concrete.

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ASTM A320 B8M Bolts Specifications

ASTM A320 B8M Bolts Properties

ASTM A320 B8M Bolts Impact Test Requirement

ASTM A320 B8m Hex Cap Screws and SA 320 B8m Eye Bolt as per DIN/ ISO standards

What is NDT testing of A320 B8m Hex Bolts?

The NDT testing helps with flaw detection in A320 B8m Hex Bolts, before and after implementation.

A320 Gr B8m Socket Head Bolts for marine projects & sour service environments, check SA 320 Gr B8m Machine Bolts price per kg in Dubai

How do you calculate pitch of an ASTM A320 B8m Socket Head Cap Screw?

The pitch of ASTM A320 B8m Socket Head Cap Screws is the distance from a given point on the screw thread to the corresponding point on the next thread. It is measured parallel to the thread’s axis.

Check A320 gr 8m Heavy Hex Bolts specification and compare prices of ASTM A 320 GR B8m Square Bolts suppliers in Middle East

Pan head vs Truss head A320 Gr B8m Socket Head Bolt

The pan head A320 Gr B8m Socket Head Bolts have a higher profile than their truss head variants. This means the head of the pan head bolt protrudes out, whereas that of the truss head bolt sits lower on the given workpiece.

ASTM A320 Grade B8m Anchor Bolts and SA320 B8m Flange Bolts with mechanical and metallurgical tests

What is the difference between ASTM A320 gr B8m Hex Cap Screws thread rolling and thread cutting?

The ASTM A320 gr B8m Hex Cap Screws thread rolling process involves applying pressure by the plate to create a thread without cutting the material. In comparison, the thread cutting procedure involves machining away the material to create the thread form.

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