ASTM A320 L7m Bolts

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ASTM A320 L7m Bolts

What are ASTM A320 L7m Bolts?

The bolts of the ASTM A320 L7m grade are used to join two or more pieces of equipment efficiently. ASTM A320 L7m Bolts have a superior chemical composition of chromium, molybdenum, silicon, and other constituents. This gives the L7m bolt enhanced tolerance to corrosive and oxidative reducers in harsh environments. The bolt also have a good hardness at low temperatures.

The SA 320 Gr L7m Eye Bolt is designed with superior mechanical properties. These bolt are designed with a minimum tensile strength of 690mpa and a minimum yield strength of 550mpa. The ASTM A320 L7m carbon steel Bolt can be easily elongated by 18% and have a reduction area of 50%. These bolt have a hardness of 235HBW max.

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ASTM A320 L7m Bolts Specifications

ASTM A320 L7m Bolts Properties

ASTM A320 L7m Bolts Impact Test Requirement

SA 320 Gr L7m Eye Bolt and ASTM A320 L7m carbon steel Bolts as per DIN/ ISO/ UNI

Why are L7m bolts heat treated?

The ASTM A320 Gr L7m Flange Bolts are heat treated at temperatures of a minimum of 1150 degrees F. These bolt help improve the strength and make it more ductile and flexible. ASTM A320 Grade L7m Machine Bolt are easy to machine and have a higher tolerance to corrosive affluents.

SA 320 L7m Anchor Bolts and ASTM A320 Gr L7m Heavy Hex Head Bolt for corrosion, wear, stress & fatigue conditions

Does A320 L7m Hex Bolts pitch matter?

The threads of the A320 L7m Hex Bolt are crucial parts that allow attachment with the required material. The thread pitch in a screw is simply the distance between the threads. The thread pitch of the A320 L7m Heavy Hex Bolt can be defined in standards like fine or coarse threads.

The threads on the ASTM A320 L7m Hex Cap Screws are very crucial. These threads ensure that the pitch of the thread that will be screwed matches that of the nut. You don’t want to use an SA 320 Grade L7m U Bolt of the wrong pitch. This is will cause problems for any applications, especially if they are security bolt.

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What are the 3 types of A320 Gr L7m Socket Head Cap Screws heads?

The A320 Gr L7m Socket Head Cap Screws contain a hexagonal socket or internal drive on its head. This allows it to screw and unscrew the screws in place. The 3 types of ASTM A320 L7m Socket Head Bolt are countersunk non-countersunk and hex socket head cap screws.

ASTM A320 L7m Socket Head Bolts and A320 L7m Heavy Hex Bolts with Metric coarse and fine threads test reports

Why is it important to test raw materials to produce A320 L7m Heavy Hex Bolts?

The ASTM A320 Gr L7m Heavy Hex Head Bolt is designed to work in harsh environments. These bolt have to withstand different pressures and corrosive affluents. The SA 320 L7m Anchor Bolt testing adds confidence about the materials that are going to withstand this tension. The integrity of the material without contamination or compromise is also checked. Our scientists are highly trained professionals who subject the A320 Grade L7m Anchor Rods through various tests. These tests allow the rods to be quality assured and certified.

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