ASTM A325 anchor bolts

ASTM A325 Anchor Bolts

What are ASTM A325 anchor bolts?

The ASTM A325 anchor bolts is a high strength bolt designed to hold different pieces of equipment. A325 Anchor Bolts are utilized to connect structural and non-structural elements to concrete. These bolts have excellent locking strength and show good performance. The A325 Anchor Bolt is designed with medium carbon, low carbon, and weathering steel specifications. These bolts are partially threaded and are affixed using nuts. Anchor Bolt ASTM A325 also uses washers to evenly distribute the load in the system. These bolt have good mechanical properties and have enhanced tolerances in harsh environments. These A325 Bent Anchor Bolt create a slip critical connection and are available in a range of sizes and types of specifications. An SA325 Y Anchor Bolt can be customized as per project requirements.

ASTM A325 Anchor Bolts Specifications

ASTM A325 Anchor Bolts Chemical Composition

ASTM A325 Anchor Bolts Mechanical Properties

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What is a ASTM A325 wedge anchors?

The ASTM A325 wedge anchor is a term used for anchor bolts. These SA325 Wedge Anchors are used to fasten a variety of materials directly to concrete. These anchors are heavy-duty and secure materials efficiently.

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What temperature can ASME SA325 l shaped anchor bolt withstand?

The ASME SA325 L shaped anchor bolt is a higher tensile grade specification. A325 L Shaped Anchor Bolt can handle ambient temperatures up to 650 degrees F.

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What is SA325 sleeve anchor bolts used for?

An SA325 sleeve anchor is the most versatile fastener that is used to connect with concrete and other material. The A325 Sleeve Anchor Bolt can handle weights up to 200 pounds on concrete surfaces. These bolt are used in structural equipment, industrial systems, construction industries, etc.

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Is A325 expansion anchors heat resistant?

The A325 expansion anchors have good tolerance to heat in media. A325 Expansion Anchors are resistant to sensitization in short term exposures to heat. These anchors have good toughness and work down up to cryogenic temperatures.

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What is the melting point of the A325 j shaped anchors?

The A325 J shaped anchor is a threaded fastener that is used in structural anchoring systems. A325 J Shaped anchors have a melting point of 1400 degrees C.