ASTM A325 nut

ASTM A325 Nut

What is ASTM A325 Nut?

The ASTM A325 nut is a mechanical tool used to connect different structural equipment. SA325 Nut has a hollow opening that allows it to thread and support bolts, studs, and other equipment. These nuts have good strength with outstanding corrosion resistance properties. The versatile A325 Hex Machine Nut has excellent mechanical properties and can handle different loads. These nuts can be coated with adhesives and different materials to enhance their performance. Further, they can be availed in a range of sizes to suit project requirements.

ASTM A325 Nut Specifications

ASTM A325 Nut Chemical Composition

ASTM A325 Nut Mechanical Properties

ASTM A325 Nut Weight Chart

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What does A325 mean on a nut?

The A325 nut is a standard for heavy hexagonal structural nuts. The Grade A325 Nuts cover mechanical properties and metric standards under this specification.

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Are A325 nuts weldable?

Nuts are fasteners that affix material and later can be easily dismantled. The SA325 Hex Jam Nuts should not be welded, especially for those devices that are heat treated. Welding limits several important factors that make this A325 Nuts Fastenal unique.

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What is the shear strength of an ASTM A325 lock nut?

A lock nut is a device that locks the bolt under extreme stress and helps resist vibration and movement. The shear strength of the A325 Lock Nuts is not generally published, and it is considered 60% of the tensile strength of the grade. This would imply that the ASTM A325 Lock Nut has a shear strength of 72000psi.

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What is the equivalent of A325 structural nuts?

The AS325 structural nuts equivalent standard is the SAE grade 5. The A325 Structural Nuts are designed in medium carbon, low carbon, and weathering steel.

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Is a A325 heavy hex nut magnetic?

The carbon steel A325 is non-magnetic in its annealed condition. A325 Heavy Hex Nuts can become slightly magnetic due to cold working or any welding process.