ASTM A325 threaded rod

ASTM A325 Threaded Rod

What is ASTM A325 threaded rod?

The ASTM A325 threaded rod covers hexagonal rods used to connect different pieces of equipment. A325 Threaded Rod is a device that is threaded across its length and can be employed to connect them using two nuts. The versatile ASTM A325 Metric Threaded Rod is designed with medium carbon, low carbon, and weathering steel specifications. These studs have superior strength and performance. The A325M Fully Threaded Rod has a minimum tensile strength of 120ksi with a minimum yield strength of 92ksi. These rods can be elongated by 14% in the system. The SA325M Ultra Fine Threaded Rod can be heat treated in conditions to enhance its performance and tolerances in the system. The ASME SA325M Partially Threaded Rod can be customized as per project requirements.

ASTM A325 Threaded Rod Specifications

ASTM A325 Threaded Rod Chemical Composition

ASTM A325 Threaded Rod Mechanical Properties

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What is SA325 all thread?

The SA325 allthread is a threaded rod or stud that has a higher strength to connect structural members. SA325 all thread covers standards for use in specific voluntary standards.

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Application of ASME SA325 studs

The ASME sa325 studs are used in structural applications. These A325 Studs are employed for bridge building, highway construction projects, weathering equipment, and so on.

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What is the thread size of A325 stud bolt?

The stud bolts of the A325 grade have a fixed length, which is shorter than most other grades. A 3/4 diameter A325 Stud Bolt has 1-3/8 thread, and 1-3/4 thread size.

Types of ASTM A325 threaded rod

ASTM A325 threaded rod

ASTM A325 threaded rod

ASME SA325 full thread studs

ASME SA325 full thread studs

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What is the minimum coating micron thickness required for A325 threaded bar?

The thickness of the coating determines the service life and performance of the system. A325 threaded bar range in minimum thickness between 20 to 100 microns.

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Characteristics of ASTM A325M double end threaded rods

The ASTM A325M double end threaded rod is threaded across all its length. SA325M Double End Threaded Rods are used under tension and have good strength. These rods have good mechanical properties and tolerances. They allow for slip critical connection and have enhanced workability.