ASTM A325 u bolt

ASTM A325 U Bolt

What are ASTM A325 u bolt?

The ASTM A325 U bolt is designed in a curved shape with both ends threaded with nuts. ASTM A325 U Bolt is manufactured in carbon, alloy, and stainless steel specification. These bolts are produced by hot rolling material and later cold worked. The A325 Round Bend U-bolt is tightened with both nuts and washers that give them a better clamping force to join the equipment efficiently. ASTM A325 Threaded U Bolt supports different hardware with a central hole to prevent it from moving. These bolts are common in building and construction applications. The SA325 Extended U Bolts are classified as round, semi-round, and square bend shapes. These bolts have a protective coating that gives them enhanced corrosion resistance. An SA325 Marine U Bolt can be customized as per project requirements.

ASTM A325 U Bolt Specifications

ASTM A325 U Bolt Chemical Composition

ASTM A325 U Bolt Mechanical Properties

ASTM A325 U Bolt Weight Chart

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What size do SA325 square u bolts come in?

The SA325 square u bolts are designed in sizes of 1/2 to 12 inches. The SA325 Square U Bolts have thread sizes from M6 to M16 or more. The heavy pattern bolts are designed in thread sizes up to M24 with sizes up to 24 inches.

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What is the torque spec for A325 exhaust u bolts?

The torque spec of exhaust A325 bolts is based on their size, diameter, and thread sizes. The A325 Exhaust U Bolts have a maximum tightening torque of 250Nm for M16 square u bolts.

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How do A325 long u bolt work?

A long U bolt A325 grade is bent in the shape of a U having curved features on each thread. The A325 Long U Bolt secures pipes, tubes to support and provide resistance to different equipment. These bolts also support and stabilize different ropes in place.

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What causes SA325 leaf spring u bolts failure?

The SA325 U shaped leaf spring bolt is a joint used for heavy duty suspension systems. This ASTM A325 Unistrut U Bolt may break when it is not properly torqued. You should also check them periodically to check how tight it is. These bolts may also fail due to overload in the system.

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How is ASTM A325 semi-round u bolt diameter measured?

The diameter of the U bolt is measured by calculating the diameter of one or both legs. ASME SA325 Semi-round U Bolt is designed in standard sizes of 1/4 to 1 or more.