ASTM A36 threaded rod

ASTM A36 threaded rod

What is an A36 threaded rod?

The A36 threaded rod is a mild hot rolled fastener grade. A36 Threaded Rod is threaded across its length and can be affixed in place using two nuts. These rods have good resistance to corrosion in harsh environments. The ASTM A36 Threaded Rod works in a range of pressure and temperature conditions. These rods have good strength and excellent performance for prolonged periods. The A36 Threaded Stud has outstanding mechanical and physical properties. These studs have a Brinell hardness between 119 to 162HB. The A36 Threaded Rod Fastenal can be heat treated to increase its aesthetics and strengths. They can be customized to meet project requirements.

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What is A36 all thread?

The A36 all thread is a threaded rod or stud fastener. A36 All Thread Rod is used in building and maintenance systems. These rods are designed with fine and coarse thread specifications. The ASTM A36 All Thread Rod has a high strength-to-weight ratio and is lightweight, having a sturdy frame. They have good tensile and yield strength. They are coated with different options like zinc, powder coating, galvanization, etc.

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What size threaded A36 Rod?

The A36 rod is designed with a thread size of M3 to M20. This A36 Steel Threaded Rod has a pitch thread of 0.5mm to 2.5mm with a tapping drill size ranging from 2.5 to 17.5.

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How much weight can A36 galvanized threaded rod support?

The weight of the threaded rod is based on the diameter and area of the thread. Generally, the A36 Galvanized Threaded Rod can hold loads ranging between 600lb to 154000lb or more.

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What is the yield strength of A36 stud?

The A36 stud exhibits a minimum yield strength of 250mpa. If the A36 Stud exceeds the said strength, it will fracture under stress.

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Benefits of ASTM A36 threaded rod

The ASTM A36 threaded rod allows for fixing pieces of equipment efficiently. ASTM A36 Threaded Bar has superior strength, formability, and good bending. These bars have good corrosion resistance and enhanced durability.