ASTM a381 grade y52 pipe

ASTM A381 grade y52 pipe

What is ASTM A381 grade Y52 pipe?

With increasing high-pressure transmission application needs worldwide, pipes and tubes for pump stations and compressors were in high demand. ASTM, or the American Society for Testing Materials, laid down strict specifications to comply with the production of ASTM A381 grade steel. It is a carbon steel used to make nine classes of double welded “Y” pipes named as per their minimum yield point requirements.

ASTM A381 grade Y 52 pipe is one such class with double welded using metal arc for easy bending, fastening or flanging, corrugating, and others. With a minimum yield strength of 52,000 psi or 380 MPa, ASTM A381 grade Y52 carbon steel welded pipe is best for high-pressure applications like the transmission industry.

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ASTM A381 Grade Y52 Pipe specification

ASTM A381 Grade Y52 Pipe Specification

ASTM A381 Grade Y52 Pipe Properties

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What is ASTM A381?

International Association for Testing Materials started in 1902 helps accidents in railroad and other industries. It tests the transmission and other lines to comply with all the ASTM specifications to be strong and without issues. The metal arc welded A381 steel helps to make pipes, tubes and lines for many high pressure transmission applications.

ASTM A381 is a carbon steel alloy available in nine pipe classes depending on their minimum yield requirements. Manufacturers should make ASTM A381-Y52 pipe has 52,000 ksi or 380 MPa, complying with ASTM standards, or face legal action. ASTM A381 gr 52 pipe Y are double welded pipes with a high tensile strength that are also suitable for high-pressure transmission applications.

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ASTM A381 gr Y52 vs Y35

ASME SA381 gr. Y52 pipe and Y35 pipes are both classes of ASTM A381 low-carbon steel-made pipes and tubes. Hence, with the same base material, there are many common properties, like high strength and others. But there are also many differences between the two, including the following, among others.

  • The significant Y52 and Y35 difference is the minimum yield strength which is 52,000 and 35,000 ksi or 240 MPa or 380 MPa, respectively.
  • ASTM Y52 also has a higher tensile strength of 66,000 than the 60,000 MPa of Y35 for use in many high-pressure applications like the transmission industry.

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Why is the y52 welded steel pipe suitable for high-pressure transmission?

Y52 welded steel pipe is suitable for high-pressure transmission for many reasons. In general, seamless pipes are ideal for it as welded pipes have the weak point of breaking under extreme pressure. But with metal arc, ASTM A381 Y52 SSAW welded pipe does not get damaged but provides optimal performance.

Y52 double-welded pipes with high yield strength with a minimum of 52,000 ksi or 380 MPa and tensile strength of 66,000 ksi or 455 MPa can withstand aggressive pressure environments. Also, the high elongation strength of 20% in a two-inch pipe makes it suitable for high-pressure transmission applications.

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ASTM A381 gr Y52 vs Y42

ASTM, or the American Society for Testing Materials, has stringent specifications for metal arc double-welded pipes in the high transmission industry. Y52 and Y42 are the two classes of the seven that ASTM specifies to have high standards. And it is the standards that make the difference between the Y42 and Y52 pipes include the following, among others.

  • Y52 has a high yield strength of 52,000 ksi or 380 MPa minimum than the 42,000 ksi or 290 MPa of Y42
  • Y52 has a high tensile strength of 66,000 ksi or 455 MPa than 60,000 ksi or 415 MPa for Y52 to be a better choice for the transmission industry
  • Y52 has a lower elongation percentage of 20 than 25 of Y42 to be suitable for more ductility-required applications
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Why is a Y52 carbon steel pipe called a metal arc welded steel pipe?

Y52 carbon steel pipe is a metal arc welded steel pipe because it follows all the specifications required by the ASTM. Hence it can withstand the high pressure in transmission and other industries. ASTM A381 Y52 metal-arc-welded steel pipe has a high minimum yield and tensile strength to withstand such high pressure.

Din St E290.7 carbon steel line pipe made from metal arc welding low carbon ASTM A381 steel under the Y52 of the seven classes is best for the transmission industry. Also Y52 pipes, after welding get heat treatment at high temperatures of 593 C or 1100 F and have a higher strength to suit the transmission industry.