ASTM A394 bolts

ASTM A394 Bolts

What are ASTM A394 Bolts?

The ASTM A394 bolt covers square and hexagon headed zinc coated steel. These ASTM A394 Bolts have excellent resistance to atmospheric and corrosive environments. These bolts help connect different equipment efficiently. The SA394 Zinc Coated Bolt work in harsh environments and can handle higher temperature conditions. These bolts can create either permanent or temporary connections. ASTM A394 Type 0 Galvanized Bolt have good mechanical properties with a hardness of Rockwell B 100 max. These bolts are designed with nominal threads from 1/2 to 1 inch. The A394 Hex Bolt work in compact spaces and can be fastened making use of a hex, Allen, and socket wrench. These A394 Steel Square Bolt are designed in sizes of M1.6 to M48 with thread diameters between M6 to M36. They are dual certified ASTM and ASME codes. The ASME SA394 12-point Bolts are a feature in the construction of transmission towers and similar structures.

ASTM A394 Bolts Specifications

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ASTM A394 Bolts Chemical Composition

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What is ASTM A394 Material?

The ASTM A394 material covers standard chemical and mechanical requirements for hex and square coated bolts. ASTM A394 Material is designed in type 0, 1, and 3 bolt specifications. The type 1 material works in hot dip zinc coated bolts, while type 2 and 3 are bare quenched and tempered equipment.

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Does ASTM A394 Tower Bolts length affect torque?

The ASTM A394 bolts are affected by the length of the fastener. Generally, ASTM A394 Tower Bolts with smaller lengths requires less torque than bolts with bigger length.

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What is ASTM A394 Steel Transmission Tower Bolts yield strength?

The yield strength is the amount of stress that will result in plastic deformation. These ASTM A394 Steel Transmission Tower Bolt have yield strength of 60,00psi.

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What is ASTM A394 Portland Bolt tensile strength?

The ASTM A394 Portland bolt tensile strength determines its nominal size of the grade. ASTM A394 Portland Bolt is designed with a minimum tensile strength of 120,000psi for tower bolts.

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What is the main function of an ASTM A394 Type 1 Bolts?

The ASTM A394 type 1 bolts cover chemical and mechanical requirements for zinc-coated bolts. ASTM A394 Type 1 Bolts are primarily used to provide stability and connect bolts in the construction of towers, substations, and similar structures.