ASTM A449 threaded rod

ASTM A449 Threaded Rod

What is ASTM A449 threaded rod?

The ASTM A449 threaded rod is a fastener that is threaded across its length. SA449 Threaded Rod covers quenched and tempered equipment that bolsters superior strength. These rods are used to create a high strength connection. The ASME SA449 Threaded Bar covers type 1 and types 2 grades. These bars have good corrosion resistance properties and work in harsh environments. A449 Double Ended Studs are designed in sizes from M6 to M76. These studs have superior precision and create a higher integrity connection. The A449M Fully Threaded Rods are available in an array of sizes to suit different project requirements.

ASTM A449 Threaded Rod Specifications

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ASTM A449 Threaded Rod Weight Chart

ASTM A449 Threaded Rod Hardness

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What is A449 all thread?

The A449 all thread is also referred to as a threaded rod or stud. An A449 All Thread fastener is threaded across its length and stabilises the material efficiently. These threads are a feature in maintenance, building equipment, plumbing systems, etc.

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What is the difference between UNC and NPT A449 threaded rods?

The UNC and BSW threads are two types of coarse threads of the A449 threaded rod specification. The UNC A449 ACME Threaded Rod is based around American measurement systems, while BSW covers British measurement systems. These BSW SA449 Threaded Studs have a thread angle of 55 degrees, while UNC threads have a 60 degree angle.

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Applications and uses of ASTM A449 studs

The ASTM A449 studs are employed to affix and connect different equipment easily. These ASME SA449 Studs are a feature in general engineering systems, piping equipment, petrochemicals, the automotive industry, etc.

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How much weight can ASTM A449 stud bolts support?

The weight of the ASTM A449 stud bolt hold depends on the shank diameter and size of the grade. These SA449 Stud Bolts have a weight capacity between 600 lbs to 35,000 lbs or more.

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Can you drill through ASME SA449 double end threaded rod?

The ASME SA449 double ended threaded rod can be drilled using standard drill bits. A449 Tap End Threaded Rods can also be drilled with graphite bits for an easy drilling process.