ASTM A489 eye bolt

ASTM A489 Eye Bolt

What is ASTM A489 eye bolt?

The ASTM A489 eye bolt is a threaded fastener having a looped end. The loop in the ASTM A489 Eye Bolt is integrated into the body. These bolts can be driven efficiently in pilot holes and possess a solid head. The ASME SA489 Threaded Eye Bolt can be quenched and tempered carbon steel. These eye bolts are designed in Type 1, 2, and Style B specifications. An SA489 Shoulder Eye Bolt has a tensile strength between 448 to 620mpa with a minimum yield strength of 207mpa. They can be elongated by 30% in the system. The ASTM A489 Machine Eye Bolts have nominal thread sizes between 1/4-20 inches to 2-1/2-4 inches. These bolts work in temperatures between 32 degrees F to 275 degrees F.

ASTM A489 Eye Bolt Specifications

ASTM A489 Eye Bolt Chemical Composition

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What is ASTM A489 bolt?

The ASTM A489 bolt covers the requirements of lifting bolts. ASTM A489 Bolt is a forged carbon steel eye bolt that is intended for use with tapped holes. These bolts have a good lifting point and are governed by ASME B18.15 specifications.

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What is the shear strength of ASTM A489 heavy duty eye bolts?

The shear strength of ASTM 489 bolts is not generally specified by the manufacturer. This ASTM A489 Heavy Duty Eye Bolts shear value is 60% of its tensile strength.

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Application of ASTM A489 material

The ASTM A489 is a standard specification for eye bolt fasteners. This ASTM A489 Material help create a connection point for anchoring, rigging, pulling, and hoisting applications.

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Advantages of SA489 swivel eye bolt

The SA489 swivel eye bolt is a simple fastener that can be easily aligned in place. An SA489 Swivel Eye Bolt has a swivel end that can be easily rotated with a 360 degrees angle. These bolts help manage complex operations without making any compromises. The swivel A489 Eye Hook Bolt enables lifting pull to take place in a different direction, making them highly versatile.

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What is ASTM A489 forged lifting eye bolts tolerance?

The ASTM A489 forged lifting eye bolt has good load-bearing tolerances. These ASTM A489 Forged Lifting Eye Bolts are tolerant to stress, rupture, and pressure. They also have good corrosion resistance properties that give them an edge in different environments.