ASTM A490 threaded rod

ASTM A490 Threaded Rod

What is ASTM A490 Threaded Rod?

The ASTM A490 threaded rod is a fastener that is threaded across its length. ASTM A490 Threaded Rod covers quenched and tempered material for high strength alloy steel. These rods are used to create a secure connection to structural applications. The SA490 Tap End Threaded Rods belong to the type 1 and type 3 classes. Type 1 rods cover medium carbon alloy steel, while type 3 covers weathering steel. SA490 Threaded Studs have good corrosion resistance properties in harsh environments. These studs are designed in standard sizes from M12 to M36. The A490 Double Ended Studs can be fastened using nuts and washers to evenly distribute the weight and protect the material.

ASTM A490 Threaded Rod Specifications

ASTM A490 Threaded Rod Chemical Composition

ASTM A490 Threaded Rod Weight Chart

ASTM A490 Threaded Rod Hardenss

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How do I identify an ASTM A490 Stud?

The ASTM A490 studs cover medium carbon and weathering steel specifications. These ASTM A490 Studs can be identified by their threaded body with an unthreaded middle portion.

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What are ASTM A490 Stud Bolts used for?

The ASTM A490 stud bolts are fasteners having threads across their length; however, the middle shank is unthreaded. ASTM A490 Stud Bolts are a feature in pipelines, petrochemical refining, general industry sealing, drilling equipment, etc.

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Why is hot-dip galvanized not allowed for ASME SA490 Threaded Bar?

The ASME SA490 threaded bar is not recommended for corrosion protection. This is because the ASME SA490 Threaded Bar may be prone to hydrogen embrittlement.

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Are A490 Steel All Thread high strength?

The A490 all thread steel is a threaded rod that has superior strength that allows them to work in harsh conditions. A490 Steel All Thread has a maximum tensile strength of 173,000psi with a minimum yield strength of 130,000psi. These ASTM A490M Fully Threaded Rods have a hardness of 352 Brinell max.

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What is the shear strength of an A490 ACME Threaded Rod?

The shear strength of the A490 Acme threaded rod is not specified by manufacturers. An A490 ACME Threaded Rod shear strength 60% its tensile strength. So, these rods have a shear strength of 103,800psi.