ASTM A490 Type 3 bolt

ASTM A490 Type 3 Bolt

What is ASTM A490 Type 3 Bolt?

The ASTM A490 type 3 bolt is weathering steel that is a feature in structural connections. ASTM A490 Type 3 Bolt is a quenched and tempered grade having superior strength. These bolts help create a strong connection with different equipment. The ASTM A490M Type 3 Heavy Hex Bolts have good corrosion resistance properties in harsh environments. These bolts are fastened making use of an A490 Type 3 Hex Nut. They are designed with a tensile strength between 1040 to 1210mpa with a minimum yield strength of 940mpa. The ASME SA490M Type 3 Threaded Rod is available in different sizes and can be customized as per requirements.

ASTM A490 Type 3 Bolt Specifications

ASTM A490 Type 3 Bolt Chemical Composition

ASTM A490 Type 3 Bolt Hardness

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Can ASTM A490 Type 3 Heavy Hex Structural Bolts be galvanized?

The ASTM A490 type 3 heavy hex structural nuts is a weathering steel used in structural connections. These cannot be hot galvanized to suit desired properties.

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What is ASTM A490 Type 3 Stud Bolt Hardness?

The ASTM A490 Type 3 stud bolt hardness is between 311 to 352 Brinell max. Its hardness helps check its inherent resistance to the surface against erosion and tolerances of the grade.

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Where are SA 490 Type 3 Hex Bolt commonly used?

The SA 490 type 3 hex bolt is a medium carbon grade that works in different applications. A SA 490 Type 3 Hex Bolts is a feature in high strength equipment and structural connections. These bolts are common in petrochemical, nuclear plants, chemical processing system, etc.

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How is A490 Type 3 Screws torque calculated?

The torque of the A490 type 3 screw is calculated utilizing the formula T= K x D x P
Here, T= tightening torque of the A490 Type 3 Screws
K= coefficient of friction
D= diameter of the A490M Type 3 Socket Head Cap Screw
P= desired tensile strength

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How much load can a M10 ASTM A490M Type 3 Stud Bolt take?

The M10 ASTM A490M Type 3 stud bolt is a lower end sized fastener. These SA490M Type 3 Studs can hold loads up to 3,370kgs.