ASTM a501 tube

ASTM A501 Tube

What is astm a501 tube?

This specification describes square, circular, rectangular, or unique form forged as well as seamless stainless structural steel tubes for welding, riveting, or fastened assembly of bridges and buildings, as well as for complete structural uses.
Either submerged arc welding, electric-resistance welding, furnace-butt soldering (continuous welding), or seamless connecting must be used to create the ASTM A501 Tube. One stress measurement from the length of every tube indicating each lot shall be used for testing the ASTM A501 Gr B Tube.
Any lot that rejects the mechanical check must be discarded or re-tested utilizing double the amount of extra piping from the originating lot. If the outcomes of each of these retests meet the requirements, ASTM A501 Gr A Tube is considered acceptable.

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ASTM A501 Tube equivalent material, properties and specification

ASTM A501 Tube Specification

ASTM A501 Tube Properties

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What are the grades of astm a501 carbon steel pipe?

There are three grades of ASTM A501 Carbon Steel pipe: Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C. There are three different classes of ASTM A501 carbon steel tubes, each with unique mechanical and physical characteristics. Compared to Grades A and C, Grade B has greater tensile strength. Even grades might differ in their chemical composition. They each have a unique yield strength.
The grade of the pipes affects how resistant they are to corrosion, pitting, and cracking. The hardness of the various grades of the same standard varies too much. To make the tubing standards and the tubing selection process simpler, these grading classifications break them down into various grades.

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ASTM A501 gr B vs A

The ASTM A501 grade B structure pipe has a higher tensile strength than the ASTM A501 grade A structure pipes (46,000 psi) (39,000 psi). A square pipe made to ASTM A501 grade B has a tensile strength of 58,000 PSI, whereas a square pipe made to ASTM A501 grade A has a tensile strength of 45,000 PSI.
In general, structural applications are needed for ASTM A501 Grade A and Grade B. Physical and mechanical characteristics vary between the two grades. Moreover, they behave differently when carrying loads. Different ways apply to how they combat corrosion resistance.

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Can you weld ASTM A501 grade B tubing?

Thermoforming welding is preferred in various forms like squared, cylindrical, rectangular, or specifically formed structural pipes are covered by ASTM A501 Carbon Steel Tube for Structural standard. These tubes are used for bridges and construction welding, fastening or screw connection, and complete structural application.
This grade may be welded quite well. Any substance that can weld with other composite materials is said to be weldable. Typically, this applies to metals and alloys of them. Weldability can be crucial in some cases when producing ASTM A501 Hot Formed Welded and Seamless Steel Tubes. Electric-resistance welding, submerged arc welding, and furnace-butt welding are the three most popular types of welding. Additionally, this grade is exceptionally formable.

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How is the flattening test performing on ASTM A501 grade B structure pipe?

The purpose of the flattening testing for ASTM A501 Seamless Structural Tube is to evaluate the maximum degree of deformation and compressive deformation without fracture flaws of seamless steel tubes. The basic idea is to add the lengths of the seamless metal pipe to the ending of the ASME SA501 Tube or seamless pipelines that is indicated.
Pressing the force causes the space between the two base plates that is being affected by it to increase until it achieves the value that the relevant manufacturing standard specifies. A pressure test apparatus or material testing equipment can be used to conduct the test. Two simultaneous upper & lower plates must be present on the test apparatus. The parallel plate’s width must be more than the tube’s flattened width.

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What are the properties of astm a501 hot formed welded and seamless steel tubes?

The characteristics of hot-formed, welded, & seamless steel pipes meeting ASTM A501 are;

  • This specification applies to hot-formed, continuous carbon steel pipes that are black and hot-dipped galvanized.
  • This standard has a good yield and tensile strengths.
  • Comparing this standard to other tubes, it has an excellent elongation %.
  • Making the decision to employ these pipes is their availability in a variety of shapes and styles.
  • Only Grade B and walls thicker than 0.312 in [8 mm] are subject to the Charpy V-notch tensile testing.
  • They are resistant-proof and robust due to the galvanized finish.