ASTM A502 rivets

ASTM A502 Rivets

What are ASTM A502 Rivets?

The ASTM A502 rivet is a permanent mechanical fastener having a smooth cylindrical shaft with a head on one head. These ASTM A502 Rivets have similar to that of a metal pin. It is installed by pounding and deforming the material in place. The SA502 Steel Rivets have good mechanical properties and tolerances to corrosive or oxidative harsh environments. This ASTM-A502 Blind Rivet is used if it is not possible to see the other end of the joint. These are fast to apply and are used in aerospace, electronics, and shipbuilding systems. The A502 Grade 1 Solid Rivets are one of the most common and oldest types of fasteners that create reliable fastening equipment. These ASME SA502 Threaded Rivets are primarily used in structural fabricating purposes in different sizes.

ASTM A502 Rivets Specifications

ASTM A502 Rivets Chemical Composition

ASTM A502 Rivets Dimensions

ASTM A502 Rivets Grades

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What is ASTM A502 Material?

The ASTM A502 material covers chemical, mechanical, and inspection requirements for structural fabricating purposes. ASTM A502 Material covers 3 grades in standard diameters from 1/2 to 1-1/2 inches. The material has good mechanical and hardness requirements.

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Can you install ASTM A502 Steel Structural Rivets without a gun?

The ASTM A502 structural rivets can be installed without a gun. These ASTM A502 Steel Structural Rivets installation, in this case, requires a bolt that has its own nut that can fit in the rivet nut. Here, they require a washer or larger washer to fit around to hold it securely.

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Applications and uses of ASTM A502 Grade 1 Pop Rivet

The ASTM A502 grade 1 pop rivet is used to create a higher strength joint between different equipment. ASTM A502 Grade 1 Pop Rivet is used in marine equipment, trailers, military systems, electric components, and magnetic motors.

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Are ASTM A502 Grade 3 Rivet Nut waterproof?

The ASTM A502 gr 3 closed end pop rivers are usually waterproof. Generally, the ASTM A502 Grade 3 Rivet Nut help creates a watertight sealing when installed properly. This makes them a popular choice in the automotive and boating industries.

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What are the disadvantages of ASME SA502 Steel Rivnut?

The ASME SA502 steel rivnuts are generally permanent and leave a mark on the surface. This ASME SA502 Steel Rivnut tightening force is slightly lower than the outer hex surface. Also, they may be impossible to remove if the inner hex is damaged.