ASTM A519 pipe

ASTM A519 Pipe

What is ASTM A519?

Commercial and industrial applications require seamless pipes and tubes with specific physical properties. It includes a smooth finish, close tolerances and others for optimal performance of the processes. ASTM specifications ensure A519 low to the medium carbon steel alloy has all the properties for many grades like 4140, 4130, 1026 and others.

ASTM A519 pipe made from any of the grades of A 519 low carbon steel by hot working and cold finish is ideal for many applications. The low carbon content and manganese, sulfur, and phosphorous make it solid and corrosion-resistant. Hence A519 steel pipe is best for many applications needing high temperature and corrosion resistance at cheaper costs.

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ASTM A519 Pipe specification

ASTM A519 Pipe Specification

ASTM A519 Pipe Properties

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Which grades are covered by ASTM A519 specification?

ASTM A519 American standard covers many low to medium-carbon steel seamless mechanical tubing. But performance differences exist between the many ASTM A519 grades depending on the chemical composition and mechanical properties. ASTM A519 specifications cover a few low to medium carbon steel grades. Include the following among others.

ASME SA 519 pipe made from medium carbon steel grade 1040 has 0.37 to 0.44 % carbon and 0.6 to 0.9 % manganese. Hence it is robust with long-lasting properties to be useful in many general-purpose applications. ASTM A519 grade 1026 boiler grade has high tensile and yield strength of 490 MPA and 415 MPA, respectively. There are also many other grades like 4130, 4140 with high strength and corrosion resistance for use in many applications in various sectors.

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ASTM A519 vs A513 tube

A 513 and A519 steel tubes are mechanical tubing made from low to medium-carbon steel with many similar compositions, properties, and uses. ASTM A519 tubes made from many A519 grades have 0.37 to 0.44% carbon for many general-purpose applications worldwide.

ASTM A 519 tubing made by hot working and cold finishing has high elastic and durable properties. The significant difference between A 519 and A 513 is the seamless, ERW, or electric resistance welded tube form. Hence the use of A 519 is more for high-temperature corrosion resistance applications, whereas A 513 is ideal for high-pressure applications.

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What is strand cast?

The casting process of converting metal into desired shaped things has existed for thousands of years. But only in the 1950s did strand cast become a leading casting process in the manufacturing industry for the past seventy years.

Strand cast, also known as continuous casting, differs from traditional casting in moving from dies and molds to machines. It enables an effective casting process for manufacturing companies to produce metal billets and slabs easily and quickly. Also, with automation and the ability to support more metals and alloys like iron, copper, steel, etc., strand cast is fast becoming the best casting process.

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Pipe ASTM A519 vs A106

A106 pipe and pipe ASTM A519 are seamless pipes made of low to moderate carbon steel. Hence there are many similarities between the two pipes but also many differences. ASTM A519 is a seamless mechanical tubing suitable for applications needing close tolerances, smooth finishes etc. A106 is a seamless pressure pipe best for power plants, oil & gas refineries

ASTM A519 covers many carbon steel alloy grades manufactured by hot working and cold finishing processes into many shapes. Depending on the steel grade, ASTM A 519 chemical composition differs from A 106 in carbon and other elements content. So the properties and uses of the two also differ.

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Is ASTM A519 seamless mechanical steel tubing rustproof?

ASTM A519 seamless mechanical steel tubing made from a steel alloy with over 98% iron is vulnerable to rusting in extreme conditions. A519 CD seamless tube has oil or film coating to reduce rusting to be useful in many applications.

A519 seamless tubing with low carbon, silicon, phosphorous, and sulfur is robust and helpful in high-temperature and pressure-involved applications. Depending on the chemical composition of many A 519 grades, the rusting may be less or more to choose the right one per the application needs. The hot or cold rolled process produces A 519 seamless tubes to more ductile, high tensile, and yield strength.