ASTM A53 Grade B Pipe

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ASTM A53 Grade B Pipe

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Specification of ASTM A53 Gr B Pipe

ASTM A53 grade b pipe specification

  • Specifications: ASTM A53 Grade A and B
  • Thickness: Schedule 40, 10, XS,STD, to XXS
  • Sizes: 1/2” – 20”
  • Dimension: OD 10.3 mm (1/8 inch) – 660 mm (26 inch).
  • Length: 40 ft, 20 ft, customized
  • Types: Welded, Seamless, ASTM A53 grade B ERW, Large diameter, A53 Grb Galvanized
  • Coating: Oiled, A53 Galvanized, FBE Dual, Mill Varnish, Bare, PE/FBE coated (economical), 3LPE, 3LPP (most expensive), Tape Wrap, Coal Tar and Concrete
  • Ends: Beveled, Plain, Threaded
  • Application of A53 grade B: Suitable for high pressure applications like Oil and gas pipeline systems, underground water drilling, pressure vessels, Wind Turbines, Machining
  • Application of A53 grade A: Suitable for non-pressure applications like steam lines


Related Standards of A53grb Pipe

  • A370
  • A90/ A90M
  • A 700
  • A 865
  • 309
  • E 570
  • A 530/A 530M
  • A 751
  • B 6
  • E 29
  • 213
  • E 1806


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What are ASTM A53 Type E, Type F and Type S? What is the ASTM A53 equivalent Indian standard?

A53 Gr B is a specification for carbon steel pipes used in various applications such as plumbing, pressure systems, and structural uses. Type E, Type F, and Type S are the types of pipes that fall within the ASTM A53 pipe specification.

Made from rolled steel sheets, A53 Gr B type E is electric resistance welded (ERW). Type E pipes are suitable for coiling, bending, flanging, and other similar forming operations.

A53 type F pipe is furnace welded and is considered suitable for welding, threading, and grooving. ASTM A53 gr B Type C are seamless pipes and are suitable for coiling, bending, and flanging operations. The closest equivalent to A53grb pipe by Indian standards is IS 1239 which covers both seamless and welded tubes.

ASTM A53 Pipe Price Per Ton

OD length SCH 40 SCH 80
WT Weight/ meter Price WT Weight/ meter Price
Inch mm Meter mm KG USD/ Ton mm KG USD/ Ton
1″ 33.4 6 3.38 2.5 US $815 4.55 3.24 US $815
1 1/4″ 42.2 6 3.56 3.39 US $780 4.85 4.47 US $780
1 1/2″ 48.3 6 3.68 4.05 US $765.5 5.08 5.41 US $765.5
2″ 60.3 6 3.91 5.44 US $758 5.54 7.48 US $758
2 1/2″ 73 6 5.16 8.63 US $758 5.16 8.63 US $758
3″ 88.9 6 5.49 11.29 US $758 7.62 15.27 US $758
4″ 114.3 6 6.02 16.07 US $754 8.56 22.32 US $754
5″ 141.3 6 6.55 21.77 US $750 9.53 30.97 US $750
6″ 168.3 6 7.11 93.27 US $750 10.97 42.56 US $750
8″ 219.1 6 8.18 105.16 US $743 12.7 64.64 US $743
10″ 273 6 9.27 117.15 US $737 15.09 96.01 US $737
12″ 323.8 6 10.31 141.12 US $741.5 17.48 132.08 US $741.5


  1. Above Price USD/Ton
  2. All Pipes with black coating and plastic caps.
  3. PE ends : Below 2″ diameter pipes
  4. BE ends: up to 2″ diameter pipe


Most Basic Types of ASTM A53 Grade B Pipe

A53 Gr B Type E Pipe

A53 Gr B Type E Pipes

ASTM A53 galvanized steel pipe

ASTM A53 galvanized steel pipes

ASTM A53 Grade B Pipe

ASTM A53 Grade B Pipes

A53 Seamless Pipe

A53 Seamless Pipes

A53 Type F Pipe

A53 Type F Pipes

A53 Pipe

A53 Pipes

ASTM A53 Black Steel Pipe

ASTM A53 Black Steel Pipes

A53 Gr B Erw Pipe =

A53 Gr B Erw Pipe

A53 Welded Pipe

A53 Welded Pipes


What is the list of documents you should ask your suppliers or manufacturers before delivery?

  • Ask for Mill Test Reports of the ASTM A53 galvanized steel pipe from the supplier to get details about the pipe’s chemical composition.
  • Get the certificate of conformance or compliance that affirms the supplier’s adherence to the standard for the A53 seamless pipe being supplied.
  • Request a report or certificate that confirms the galvanization process of the A53 gr B material has been performed correctly.

ASTM A53 Carbon Steel Pipe available in Sch 80/ Sch 40/ STD. Many of the listed A53 Gr B Material suppliers stocks and supply Jindal, Tenaris, NSSMC make Middle East


What is the difference between ASTM A53 seamless steel pipe vs A106?

  • The cost of A53 gr B erw pipe is generally lower as compared to ASTM A106.
  • SA 53 gr B pipe has lower tensile strength and yield strength compared to ASTM A106.
  • A106 pipes have stricter chemical composition requirements than an ASTM A53 seamless steel pipe.
  • A106 pipes can withstand elevated temperatures and pressures but an ASTM A53 welded steel pipe cannot.

A53 Seamless Pipe Schedule Chart

A53 seamless pipe schedule chart

A53 Pipe Sizes

A53 pipe sizes

Makes of ASTM A53 galvanized steel pipe

Makes of ASTM A53 galvanized steel pipe


ASTM A53 Seamless Steel Pipe in Hot-Dipped, FBE, Black, Zinc-Coated in A53 Gr B Type E & Type F


What are ASTM A53 hot dipped galvanized steel pipe and zinc coated pipes? What are the advantages and features?

A hot-dipped galvanized and zinc-coated ASTM A53b pipe has a thick layer of zinc coating that equips it with corrosion-resistance properties. The zinc layer on the ASTM A53 tube shields the underlying steel material from harmful corrosion.

The hot-dipped galvanizing process on the A53b seamless pipe ensures a uniform and consistent coating thickness on the pipe surface. The zinc coating forms a metallurgical bond with the steel substrate and results in excellent adhesion of the A53 welded pipe.

Astm A53 Steel Pipe Types And Grades

Astm A53 Steel Pipe Types And Grades


ASTM A53 Black Steel Pipe Weight Chart

ASTM A53 black steel pipe weight chart

A53 Gr B Equivalent

  • Equivalent Material: 1020, St45.8, 1.0405, 410, TU 42-c, HFS 430
  • Equivalent Standard: DIN 17175, EN 10216-2, NF A 49-215, BS 3602 Part I, NBR 6321


Which Coating is Apply on A53 Gr B Material ?

Which Coating is Apply on A53 Gr B Material


Buy ASTM A53 galvanized steel pipe and A53 Seamless Pipes in cold-drawn, normalized, quenched and tempered condition with impact testing


Difference between ASTM A53 grade b schedule 40 and 80 seamless pipes

  • Schedule 80 pipes have a thicker wall thickness compared to Schedule 40 designated by the schedule number which is 0.095 inches (2.41 mm).
  • The cost of A53 Grb Schedule 80 pipe is generally similar to that of Schedule 40 pipes. The price of Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 pipes of size 8” is 4664.73 AED or 1270 USD.
  • Schedule 80 pipes provide enhanced structural integrity and can handle higher internal and external pressures than schedule 40 pipes.

ASTM A106 Grade B seamless pipes are often considered as an alternative ASTM A53 carbon steel pipe. A106 pipes may be cheaper or more readily available compared to A53 pipes.


What is Delivery Condition of A53 Gr B Erw Pipe

  • cold-drawn
  • normalized
  • quenched and tempered


Difference between A53 Grade b ERW, A53F CW, HFW, DSAW, SAW, LSAW, and SSAW pipes

  • ERW SA 53 pipe is manufactured by welding the longitudinal seams without the addition of filler material.
  • In Continuous Weld (CW) ASTM A53 black steel pipe, the longitudinal seam is continuously welded without the addition of filler material.
  • High-frequency electrical current power creates welds in the HFW A53 black pipe material.
  • To create the welds in the longitudinal seams of a DSAW ASTM A53 steel pipe, submerged arc welding is used.
  • In SAW pipes, the welding arc is submerged in a flux layer to create the weld.
  • LSAW pipes are produced by bending the steel into the cylinder and using submerged arc weld the longitudinal seams.
  • Just like LSAW pipes, submerged arc welding is used to weld the seams in SSAW pipes but they have a spiral shape.

ASTM A53 Steel Pipe Dimensions

ASTM A53 steel pipe dimensions

ASTM A53 Gr B Mechanical Properties

ASTM A53 gr b mechanical properties

Chemical Properties of A53grb Pipe

Chemical properties of a53grb pipe

A53 Gr B Type E Pipe Wall Thickness

A53 gr b type e pipe wall thickness