ASTM A574 bolts

ASTM A574 Bolts

What is ASTM A574 bolts?

The ASTM A574 bolts cover the standard requirement for quenched and tempered high alloy fasteners. ASTM A574 Bolts cover hexagon socket head cap screws in standard sizes from 0.060 to 4 inches in diameter. The ASME SA574M Hex Head Bolt is manufactured in both metric and inch sizes. These bolts are used to connect equipment efficiently. A574 Stud Bolts have good resistance to corrosive effluents across harsh environments. These bolts bolster good strength and tolerances. The ASME SA574 Studs showcase superior mechanical properties and can either be rolled or threaded. The versatile grade SA574M Carriage Bolt shall be heat treated by quenching in oil and reheating at 700 degrees F.

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ASTM A574 Bolts Specifications

ASTM A574 Bolts Properties

ASTM A574 Bolts Torque Chart

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What is the torque spec for an ASTM A574 fastener?

The torque specifications of the ASTM A574 fastener are based on its size and other specifications. Generally, the ASTM A574 Fastener torque varies between 11.7 to 2774 lb-ft.

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How hard is an ASTM A 574 hex bolt?

The ASTM A 574 hex bolt is a six-sided grade having good hardness. This ASTM A 574 Hex Bolt has a Rockwell hardness between 39 to 44 HRC.

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What are ASTM A574M washers used for?

The ASTM A574M washers are employed to evenly distribute the load in the system. These ASTM A574M Washers protect the material against damage and stress. They are a feature in the agricultural, automotive, construction, transportation, and energy industries.

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What is the minimum tensile strength for a SA574 heavy hex bolt?

The SA574 heavy hex bolt is designed to check the resistance of a material to break under tension. An SA574 Heavy Hex Bolt has a minimum tensile strength of 180ksi.

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Characteristics of A574M threaded rod

The A574M threaded rod has a long rod that is threaded across its length. ASTM A574M Threaded Rod has good rigidity and connection to different equipment. These rods have good corrosion resistance properties and are tolerant to stress and rupture. They are quenched and tempered and have a fine grain structure. The rods can be customized as per requirements.

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