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ASTM A576 Round Bar

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What is ASTM A576 round bar?

It is a type of steel round bar that has been hot or cold-rolled and drawn into a round shape. It typically has a diameter ranging from 10mm to 125mm and its cross-sectional area varies depending on the manufacturer’s specifications.

This grade is mainly used in manufacturing parts such as gears, bolts, shafts, etc. It can also be used in making furniture components, automotive parts, and tools. The properties of the ASTM A576 round bar are determined by the quality of steel it is made from, which should meet specific requirements according to the standards set forth by ASTM International.

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Application of ASTM A576 steel bar?

They are widely used for a variety of applications due to their high strength and superior mechanical properties. They are commonly used in the manufacturing of fasteners, shafts, axles, pins, screws, and other small mechanical components. Additionally, ASTM A576 Steel Bars are also ideal for use in engineering and construction projects that require parts that can handle large loads or stressors.

The bars are also frequently used in agriculture as well as heavy-duty mining operations. Overall, they offer exceptional durability, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance, making them an ideal choice for numerous industrial purposes.

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What is the melting point of A576 rod?

The melting point of this rod is 1354 degrees Celsius. This temperature indicates the point at which this alloy transforms from solid to liquid. The composition of the A576 Steel Rod includes Aluminum, Magnesium, and Silicon as the main elements and its tensile strength is 540MPa or 78100 psi.

This material is used in various applications such as shipbuilding, automotive parts, home appliances, frames, and forgings for aerospace vehicles due to its high strength-to-weight ratio and excellent machinability. In addition, its relatively low melting point allows for easy welding and casting compared to other alloys.

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What is ASTM A576 steel round bar used for?

They are primarily used for manufacturing parts and components that require moderate strength and corrosion resistance. It is commonly used in the production of machined components, including bolts, shafts, pins, axles, keys, and other various parts. This steel has good ductility, high tensile strength, and impact resistance as well as fatigue strength.

ASTM A576 Steel Round Bars can also be heat treated to produce different mechanical properties according to the needs of a specific application. Furthermore, it is frequently utilized in machinery construction, heavy equipment, and building construction due to its long-lasting performance in difficult environmental conditions.