ASTM a671 cc60 class 22 pipe

ASTM A671 CC60 Class 22 Pipe

What is ASTM A671 CC60 Class 22 Pipe?

Pipes are some of the major components in industrial applications. Pipes are used in different quantities and qualities in different applications. Metallic pipes are used in various compositions. The ASTM A671 CC60 Class 22 Pipe is a low-carbon steel pipe that is made to perform under low temperatures and high pressures.

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ASTM A671 Cc60 Class 22 Pipe Specification

ASTM A671 Cc60 Class 22 Pipe Properties

what is the toughness of ASTM a671 grade cc60 pipe?

ASTM a671 grade cc60 pipes have yield strength of 220MPa and a minimum tensile strength of 550MPa. The pipes are quite tough for low-carbon steel. These pipes come in wall thicknesses ranging from 3mm to 12mm. Together with their diameters ranging from ½ inches to 36 inches in nominal bore size, the carbon steel pipes have the strength to withstand high pressures. However, their application is limited only to atmospheric temperature.

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how heat treatment is performed on ASTM a671 gr.cc60 cl.22 pipes?

The ASTM A671 Gr.CC60 CL22 Pipe can be heat treated by raising the temperature of the pipes to the required temperature and then letting the pipe cool down under air, or water. The pressure capacities of the pipes vary from schedule 5 to schedule XS, and the heat treatment strengthens the pipes further so that they perform well.

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ASTM A671 CC60 Vs CC70

ASTM a671 cc60 class 22 has 0.21% carbon in the composition and up to 0.81% manganese. Grade C70 has 0.27% carbon and up to 1.3% manganese. The difference is reflected in the physical properties of the two grades as well. The grade C70 has the highest minimum yield strength within the specification, with 260MPa, and the highest minimum tensile strength of up to 620MPa. Grade 60 has a minimum yield strength of 240MPa and a minimum tensile strength of up to 585MPa.

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what is the ASTM A671 CC60 EFW Pipe price difference between India and china?

Due to the labor cost, the transportation and availability of the materials along with technological advancement, the prices of pipes vary in various locations. The price of ASTM A671 CC60 EFW Pipe per ton is about USD 800 in India, whereas the same is sold for USD 900 a ton in China. However, if the purchase is over 800 tons, the price in China is down to USD 735. So the ASTM A671 CC60 CL22 EFW Pipes are sold at different prices, depending on the quantity of purchase as well.

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What is ASTM A671 Grade CC60 Class 22 EFW Pipe Manufacturing Process?

ASTM A671 Grade CC60 Class 22 EFW Pipe is an electric fusion welded pipe. Plates of pressure vessel quality are selected to form the pipes. The plates are cut down to the correct sizes and rolled or hot-formed to reach the tubular shape. The incomplete tubes are then sent through a system that melts the edges of the plate and fuses them together with pressure. After the fusion, the ASTM a671 gr.cc60 cl.22 is made. Once the pipe is made, it can undergo optional machining operations.