ASTM a671 cc65 class 22 pipe

ASTM A671 CC65 Class 22 Pipe

What is ASTM A671 CC65 Class 22 Pipe?

Metallic pipes are used in oil and gas, transportation, aerospace, and many other applications. For different applications, different qualities are needed in pipes. To provide different qualities, pipes are made from different metallic compositions. Carbon steel is one of the most common materials used for piping. The ASTM A671 CC65 Class 22 Pipe is made up of low carbon steel to service under high pressure and low temperatures.

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ASTM A671 Cc65 Class 22 Pipe Specification

ASTM A671 Cc65 Class 22 Pipe Properties

ASTM A671 CC65 Vs CC60

Inside the same specification, there are grades and classes of pipes further specifying their qualities. The ASTM A671 CC65 Cl22 Pipe is of a higher grade than grade 60. The grade 65 pipes have 0.79% manganese in their composition in addition to 0.24% carbon. The grade 60 pipes have 0.21% carbon and no manganese. This makes up for the mechanical property difference between the two grades. The ASTM A671 Gr.CC65 Cl.22 Pipe has 240MPa minimum yield strength and up to 620MPa minimum tensile strength whereas the grade 60 has only 220MPa minimum yield strength and up to 585MPa minimum tensile strength.

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What are the Classes of A671 Gr CC65 pipe?

These pipes are made with diameters ranging from 16 inches to 100 inches and the wall thicknesses vary up to 250mm. The schedules of the A671 Gr CC65 pipe also vary from schedule 20 to XXS and in between. In the same manner, the pipe also has classes that range from class 10 through class 42 and in between. These classifications provide detailed specifications of the pressure capacities and other mechanical properties of each class.

Find for a671 gr cc65 pipe material importers in ANSI Sch 80, 40, 60 in EFW, PMI test and complete sample retention; also check advice on preventing welding cracks.

How to avoid welding cracks of ASTM A671 Grade CC65 Class 22 EFW Pipe?

ASTM A671 Grade CC65 Class 22 EFW Pipe is an electric fusion welded pipe that has no seam in it. However, when needed to install, the pipe needs to go through welding procedures. Welding can damage the pipe by producing pores or cracks on the A671 CC65 Cl22 EFW Pipe surface. To avoid this, preheating the pipe before welding is recommended. Preheating allows the pipe to already get heated to the temperature at which the welding will occur. This avoids cracking. Also, the use of filler metals is recommended. After welding, the welded part is applied with post-weld heat treatment to stabilize the welded joint.

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is A671 Gr.CC65 Cl.22 S2 Pipe is machinable?

Yes, the A671 Gr.CC65 Cl.22 S2 Pipe is machinable by standards. The pipes can also undergo different other surface treatment methods such as color painting, 3LPE coating, or epoxy coating. These procedures improve the quality of the surface and the corrosion resistance properties of the pipe.

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What are the Supplementary Requirements of ASTM A671 CC65 Cl22 Pipe?

The ASTM A671 Grade CC65 Class 22 Pipe is made from pressure vessel quality plates and rolled and welded together by electric fusion. After making, the pipes can undergo some supplementary requirements. The ASTM A671 Grade CC65 Pipe is tested with the Charpy test and other destructive and non-destructive methods.