ASTM a671 cc70 class 22 pipe

ASTM A671 CC70 Class 22 Pipe

What is ASTM A671 CC70 Class 22 Pipe?

Different raw materials are used in the piping industry to produce pipes of different shapes and sizes. The ASTM A671 CC70 Class 22 Pipe is made up of low-carbon steel with 0.27% carbon in the composition. The pipes come in diameters ranging from 16 inches to 100 inches in nominal bore sizes. The pipes also have different lengths varying from 5m to 13m and up to custom cut-to-length sizes. The wall thickness of the pipes also determines the pressure capacity and there are different schedules ranging from schedule 20 to XXS with wall thicknesses ranging up to 250mm.

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ASTM a671 cc70 class 22 pipe Specification

ASTM a671 cc70 class 22 pipe Properties

ASTM A671 CC70 vs CC60

Even within the same specification for high-pressure and low-temperature applications, there are grades that determine more detailed features of the pipes. The ASTM a671 gr cc70 is the highest grade in this spectrum. The grade CC70 has a minimum yield strength of 260MPa and a minimum tensile strength of up to 620MPa. The grade CC60 has only up to 585MPa tensile strength and 220MPa minimum yield strength. This difference is because of the higher carbon content and manganese content in the grade CC70 than in the grade CC60.

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why are ASTM A671 CC70 CL22 Pipes suitable for Lower Temperature applications?

The pipes are made through an electric fusion welding procedure and the pipes are welded. The pressure capacity of the ASTM A671 CC70 CL22 Pipes is higher, but they don’t stand at higher temperatures. Replace these pipes with other specifications, it would double the cost of what these pipes would cost. So the ASTM a671 gr.cc70 cl.22 pipes are considered the best choice for low temperature applications.

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Advantages of ASTM A671 CC70 Carbon Steel EFW Pipe

ASTM A671 CC70 Carbon Steel EFW Pipe is a seamless pipe and allows for fluid flow without turbulence. The pipes can be machined, and formed and other operations can be performed. The toughness of the pipe is high due to the presence of carbon in the composition. ASTM A671 CC70 Class 22 Carbon Steel Pipe can operate up to -150° Celcius depending on the grade and class of the pipe. The lower temperature operations allow the pipes to be used in many water lines, oil and gas, and petroleum industrial applications. In addition, the ASTM A671 Grade CC70 Cl22 EFW Pipe is very cost-effective and has good corrosion resistance against general corrosive services.

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How ASTM A671 Grade CC70 Pipe can be welded?

Since this is a low-carbon variation of stainless steel, the grain formation is low. Yet, cracks and undercuts are possible. To avoid cracking in the ASTM A671 Grade CC70 Pipe, the pipes are preheated to a predetermined temperature. The preheat temperatures are usually in the range of 700 to 800 degrees Celsius. Once the pipes are heated, the welding operation is done. This allows for fusion without cracking. After the welding, post-weld heat treatment is also applied to make sure that the welded joint is stable and strong.

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what are the classes of ASTM A671 cc70 Pipe?

These low-carbon steel pipes have different classes to denote their different pressure capacities of them. The ASTM A671 cc70 Pipe is divided into 15 classes ranging from Class 10 through class 42. In addition to their pressure capacities and corrosion resistance, the pipes can also be coated and surface treated for extra quality. However, these actions are performed as optional as per the requests from the customers.