ASTM a691 grade 2-1/4CR pipe

ASTM A691 Grade 2-1/4CR Pipe

What is ASTM a691 grade 2-1/4cr pipe?

These are pipes made up of various alloying elements to withstand high pressure and high temperatures. The pipe composition includes chromium, molybdenum, carbon, phosphorus, silicon, and sulfur. The ASTM A691 Grade 2-1/4CR Pipe is therefore highly corrosion resistant against general corrosive applications, capable of heat resistance and pressure resistance. The material is used mainly in applications that convey gas, oil, and water under high pressure or temperature.

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ASTM A691 Grade 2-1/4CR Pipe Specification

ASTM A691 Grade 2-1/4CR Pipe Properties

How ASTM a691 2-1/4cr alloy efw steel pipes is fabricated?

These are pipes made with the electric fusion welding procedure. Pressure vessel quality plates of the right thicknesses are selected and cut to the right measurements. The plates are then hot rolled to get the tubular shape to produce the ASTM a691 2-1/4cr alloy EFW steel pipes. The incomplete pipes are then placed under the electric fusion facility, heated up to melt, and then the melted edges are joined through fusion by applying hydraulic pressure. When the ASTM a691 2-1/4cr EFW pipes are formed, they can undergo several treatments or surface finishes according to the requirements.

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On which basis ASTM a691 grade 2 1/4cr pipes are classified?

ASTM a691 grade 2 1/4cr pipe has classifications according to the type of heat treatment they have undergone. There are normalization, tempering, quenching and other types of heat treatments to make the pipes stronger and bring them certain qualities. The classes correspond to different pressure capacities of the ASTM a691 grade 2 1/4 cr alloy steel pipes after the heat treatment.

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1-1/4cr vs 2-1/4cr

Alloyed steel pipe ASTM a691 grade 2 1/4cr has better mechanical properties compared to the 1 1/4CR pipes. The composition of the 2 1/4CR has higher quantities of the alloys such as chromium and molybdenum. The price of the later grade is also higher due to the cost of raw materials and the heat treatment methods applied to each class.

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ASTM a691 grade 2 1/4cr hot-rolled vs cold-drawn pipe

Metal pipes with outer diameters less than 12 inches can be cold drawn from a single billet of metal. The cold drawing involves no welding. The pipe has an even distribution of thickness but has a rough surface as a result of the drawing. The A691 2-1/4 cr welded pipes can also be hot rolled. If the diameter is above 12 inches, then they cannot be cold drawn. Hot rolling involves rolling a plate of the same material grade into the desired pipe size with heat. After heating and rolling, the edges of the plates are electric fusion welded to form the pipes. This is known as the hot rolling.

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How ultrasonic examination is done on ASTM a691 2-1/4cr efw pipes?

The ultrasonic test uses sound waves in the ultrasonic spectrum to pass through the pipe. If the sound waves pass through the Alloy steel ASTM a691 gr.2 1/4 cr pipes without any obstacles, then the pipe is clean. If the sound wave bounces off of something, then there is a defect. Ultrasonic probes and other types of transducers are used to send and receive sound waves.