ASTM A733-03

ASTM A733-03

What is ASTM A733-03?

This specification applies to pipe nipples made of austenitic stainless steel and carbon steel that are welded or seamless. According to the mechanical criteria, pipe nipples had to be built from brand-new, hydrostatically tested, or NDE-tested pipe and they had to be threaded with NPT taper pipe threads on both ends.

Nipple lengths and sizes are both standard and unique. Pipe coated on the inside and exterior by the hot dip technique should be used to create the galvanized nipples requested following this specification.

Pipe nipples bought following these specifications should be used for typical applications, as indicated for ASTM A733-03.

Astm a733 03 specification

Astm a733 03 nipple dimensions

Stainless steel pipe nipples are manufactured in sizes range of 1/8 to 12 inch according to ASTM A733 standard

Which materials are covered under ASTM A733 standard?

The requirements for welded and seamless austenitic stainless steel pipe nipples in standard steel pipe sizes from 1/8 to 12 in. inclusive, in standard or extraordinary lengths, are covered by this specification. They also include requirements for welded and seamless carbon steel pipe nipples, black and zinc-coated (hot-dip galvanized), and austenitic ASTM A733.

Pipe nipples ordered following this specification are made of welded carbon steel and are intended for general uses as per Specification A53. 1.1.2 Seamless carbon steel -Pipe nipples ordered by these specifications are intended for general and unique uses per the relevant Specifications A53 and A106.

Welded carbon steel hex nipples are intended to use for general uses under ASTM A733-03 standard

Ordering Information for ASTM A733 black pipe nipple?

The following information items should be taken into account, as applicable, for inclusion in purchase orders:

Name of the substance (carbon steel or austenitic stainless steel pipe nipples), quantity (pieces), and

If relevant, carbon steel applications should specify low- or high-temperature service.

A method of making ASTM A733 Black Carbon Steel Threaded Pipe Nipples (continuous-welded, electric-resistance welded, or seamless)

Kind and level (if stainless steel), 3.1.5 Conclude (carbon steel, black or galvanized),

Size (nominal and weight class or schedule number as given in Table 1, or outer diameter and nominal wall) (nominal and weight class or schedule number as shown in Table 1, or outside diameter and nominal wall),

Length (standard or unique), the number of the specification, certification of conformity, if necessary, and any unique needs or deviations from this specification

As per ASTM A733-03 specification austenitic stainless steel threaded nipples shall be threaded on both ends with NPT taper pipe threads

In which condition and industries we can use austenitic stainless steel threaded nipples manufactured as per ASTM A733?

Stainless steel pipe nipples ordered per these specifications are austenitic stainless steel and are intended for high-temperature and general corrosion duty under Specification A312/A312M.

This specification’s language includes comments, footnotes, or both that offer clarification. There is no obligatory wording in these notes and footnotes except those in tables.

The numbers given in inch-pound units are taken as being the norm. Parenthetical values are mathematical conversions to SI units that are offered for informational purposes only and are not to be used as standards.

Check dimensions and ordering information of ASTM A733 black pipe nipple

Which certification required to check if welded carbon steel hex nipples comply with ASTM A733 standard?

  • Knowing that something has undergone a fair review against predetermined standards or guidelines
  • Evidence that a reliable third party has objectively reviewed the product labeling and claims of Welded carbon steel hex nipples
  • A strategy to set your product apart from those of your rivals and gain an advantage in the market
Check testing required for carbon steel electro galvanized pipe nipple

Carbon steel electro galvanized pipe nipple inspection and testing as per ASTM A733?

Bimetallic combination tubing, which has an interior liner consisting of stainless steel, titanium alloy steel, copper or aluminum, etc., uses carbon steel pipe as its base pipe. High mechanical performance, weldability, good working, and high safety are characteristics of Austenitic stainless steel threaded nipples.

It has a high application because it combines surface coating technology with cheap cost and broad, usable range with a corrosion-resistant alloying technique with complete structure and high tightness (no blowhole) of material.