ASTM a789 uns s32760 tube

ASTM A789 UNS s32760 tube

What is ASTM A789 UNS S32760?

One of the most popular ferritic and austenitic steel alloys is A 789, which has its properties and microstructure. There are many UNS designations for it with varying chromium, nickel, and molybdenum content. For decades it has found wide use in many applications in extreme environments because of its high strength and corrosive resistance.

ASTM A789 UNS S32760 is super duplex steel with high chromium of 24 to 26%, nickel of 4 to 6%, and molybdenum of 3 to 6%. Unlike most other UNS designations, ASTM A789 Super Duplex Steel UNS S32760 Tube has tungsten and copper around 1%. Hence it has better properties than others to be useful in various applications in various industries.

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ASTM A789 UNS S32760 dimensions, and specification

ASTM A789 UNS S32760 Tube Specification

ASTM A789 UNS S32760 Tube Properties

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Is SA 789 UNS S32760 magnetic?

SA 789 UNS S32760 is a steel alloy combining ferrite and austenitic microstructure and properties. Though austenitic is not magnetic, the ferrite part is magnetic for making the A789 UNS S32760 welded tube easy. Since the ferritic part is less with high content of chromium, nickel, and molybdenum, it is less magnetic. Also, tungsten and copper add strength and corrosion resistance even in extreme environments.

The ASME SA789 UNS S32760 welded tube has a relative magnetic permeability value of 33 at 23 degrees Celsius. It is one reason for its use in offshore, marine, oil, & gas, desulphurising, distillation and others.

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What is the manufacturing process of ASTM A789 UNS S32760 tubing?

For choosing the right pipe, it is essential to know the manufacturing process to have the required qualities suitable for specific applications. The ASTM A789 UNS S32760 tubing manufacturing process involves hot-rolled and cold-drawn processes. The tubing after the hot-cold finish will be solution annealed at a temperature range between 1960 to 2085 F or 1070 to 1140 C.

ASTM A789 UNS S32760 Seamless tube manufacturing process involves PAW, plasma arc welding, GTAW, TIG, or tungsten arc welding. There is no need to use any filler metal, but it needs rapid cooling in water after the manufacturing process.

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UNS S32760 vs UNS S31803

There are many UNS designations of the duplex steel alloy A 789, which includes UNS S 32760 and UNS S31803. Hence, both high chromium content has similar properties like high corrosion resistance and strength. But the chromium content of UNS S 32760 is over 25% to make it super duplex steel than the 22% of UNS S 31803, which qualifies only for duplex steel. There are also many other differences like

  • S32760 has PERN or pitting equivalent resistance number of 40 which is higher than the PERN of S31803
  • S32760 have tungsten and copper of 0.5 and 1% to strengthen it than S31803, which does not have them

Most Selling types of ASTM A789 UNS s32760 tube

SA 789 UNS s32760 tubing

SA 789 UNS s32760 tubing

ASTM a789 UNS s32760 seamless tube

ASTM a789 UNS s32760 seamless tube

A789 UNS s32760 welded tube

A789 UNS s32760 welded tube

UNS s32760 tubular

UNS s32760 tubular

SA 789 s32760 tubo

SA 789 s32760 tubo

ASME sa789 UNS s32760 tuberia

ASME sa789 UNS s32760 tuberia

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Where is SA 789 S32760 seamless tubing used?

SA 789 S32760 seamless tubing has many favorable factors for use in various applications in several sectors. One of the significant factors is the hot and cold manufacturing process. And the other is the additional tungsten, copper, and chromium. SA 789 pipes also have high to be useful in many industries that include the following among others.

  • Marine and offshore industries need high corrosion resistance from aggressive seawater.
  • Chemical processes handling organic acids like sulphuric acid
  • Fire extinguishing systems, refinery equipment, and others need strong pipes
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How to check if your manufacturer or supplier is genuine or not?

You are in the right place to know how to check whether or not pipe and tube manufacturers are genuine. Most people check online to buy pipes and tubes in this digitally-driven world. Hence, finding if they are genuine is essential as piping lines are like the lifelines of domestic, commercial and industrial uses. The following are the ways to find a genuine pipe supplier.

  • Check the client history and reviews to have delivered high-quality pipes
  • Verify if the manufacturer tests the pipes and tubes
  • Check for the test certificates confirming it
  • Ensure having a wide range of piping products to choose the best
  • Confirm excellent service and delivery on schedule