ASTM A790 Pipe

ASTM A790 Pipe

What is astm a790 ?

The American Society for Testing and Materials, popularly known as ASTM, is an international standard for pipes and fittings. ASTM A790 is a standard specification for seamless and welded austenitic or ferritic stainless steel pipes. The specification for supply defines the composition and requirements for mechanical properties for seamless and welded steel pipes. The ASTM A790M welded pipe are made using the automatic welding process, without the use of any filler metal in the welding operations. Due to the good mechanical properties of the ASTM A790 Seamless and Welded Ferritic/Austenitic Stainless Steel Pipes, they are used in a wide range of applications in industries like oil and gas refining, pulp and paper manufacturing, chemical process plant, pollution control equipment, etc.

This is a specification for duplex steel which is a mixture of various elements, like chromium molybdenum and nitrogen which gives the material its properties. It shows good strength and corrosion resisting properties compared to other duplex steel types in the mid-range. These pipes get additional strength through their manufacturing procedure. The welded variants of these pipes are hot rolled while the seamless variants are cold drawn. They can be further strengthened to a limit through the cold working process. These pipes are ideally used in applications that include mild high temperature and pressure, and mildly corrosive environment. This is why these pipes are often seen in waste water management systems and water purification with high precision. They are not only used in industrial services but also in low cost domestic applications.

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What is a790 material specification?

ASTM A790 Pipe Specification

ASTM A790 Pipe Properties

The a790 material specification covers both seamless and straight-seam welded ferritic or austenitic duplex stainless steel pipe. They are generally intended for general corrosive services, but particular emphasis should be given to resisting stress corrosion cracking. The tubes and pipes made from this material can be sheared and shaped readily by the process of bending, drawing, pressing, etc. No heat treatment is required post the cold working procedure. In case it is necessary to perform any hot working operations, then that should be carried out within the temperature range of 1800-2100 degrees F. Higher temperature can reduce the workability of the material and lead to heavy scaling. The material should also be annealed at a min temperature of 2100 degrees F post hot working and then it should be cooled rapidly, by the process of water quenching. The annealing process helps to eliminate the intermetallic phase during the hot working procedure, and enhances the corrosion resisting properties.

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Which grades comes under astm a 790 standard ?

The grades that come under astm a 790 standard are S31803, S32205, and S32750.

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What is purpose of a790 pipe ?

The a790 pipe is used for general corrosive applications, especially for resisting stress corrosion cracking. They are also used in high strength applications and thus can be used in harsh conditions, including sulfide and chloride environments. Typically they are used in environments like oil and gas refining, marine, pollution control equipment, chemical processing, and many more.

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Compare astm a790 vs a790m

ASTM A790 material is a duplex steel which shows excellent corrosion resisting properties. They are primarily used in harsh conditions, including services taking place in sulfide and chloride environments.The ASTM A790M material is intended for use in general corrosive services, and it can particularly resist stress corrosion cracking. They are susceptible to embrittlement if exposed to high temperatures for a long period.

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Is asme sa790 seamless pipe heat treatable ?

The ASME SA790 Seamless pipe can be heat treated when required within the temperature range of 1800 degrees F to 2100 degrees F.

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