ASTM A815 UNS S32205 Fittings

ASTM A815 UNS S32205 Fittings

Duplex alloys are a group of stainless steel that offers much higher mechanical and corrosion resistance properties compared to both 304 and 316 alloys. It also has good resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion because of its chemical composition.

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ASTM A815 UNS S32205 specification

ASTM A815 UNS S32205 fittings specification

A815 UNS S32205 buttweld fittings sizes UNS S32205 fittings meet the requirements SA 815 S32205 schedule chart
  • A815 S32205 seamless fittings : 1/2 – 24 (BW)
  • SA 815 S32205 welded fittings : 24 – 96 (BW)
  • NACE MR0103
  • ISO 15156
  • NACE TM-0284
  • MTC EN 10204-3.1
  • Sour service
  • NACE MR0175
  • SCH 160
  • STD
  • XH
  • XXH
  • SCH 40
  • SCH 60
  • SCH 10
  • SCH 20
  • SCH 80
American standard & specification UNS S32205 fittings design standard SA 815 S32205 manufacturing technique
  • Seamless fittings: ASTM A815 wp-s UNS S32205
  • Welded fittings: ASTM A815 wp-x UNS S32205

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  • ANSI/ ASME B16.28
  • ANSI / ASME B16.9
  • ANSI/ ASME B16.25 (butt welding ends)
  • MSS-SP-83
  • MSS-SP-95
  • MSS-SP-43
  •  Hot forming
Ends of A815 S32205 buttweld fittings Meet standard A815 S32205 testing reqirements
  • Bevelled
  • DIN2616
  • JIS B2312
  • DIN 2605
  • JIS B2313
  • DIN2615
  • Magnetic Particle Examination (For above Sch 80 A815 S32205 bevel ends)
  • HIC tested
  • Positive Material Identification (PMI)
  • Ultrasonic test

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ASTM A815 S32205 bend radius A815 UNS S32205 bend angle
  • 3D
  • 4D
  • 5D
  • 6D
  • 8D
  • 10D
  • 45 Deg
  • 30 Deg
  • 60 Deg
  • 90 Deg
  • 22.5 Deg

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A815 S32205 pipe bend

Types Standard Dimensions
  • SA 815 S32205 3d pipe bend
  • UNS S32205 5d pipe bend
  • A815 WPS S32205 10d pipe bend
  • SA 815 S32205 22d pipe bend
  • A815 S32205 long radius bend
  • ASTM A815 UNS S32205 welded pipe bend
  • WPS S32205 duplex steel return bend
  • SA 815 UNS S32205 J bend
  • ASTM A815 WPS 32205 L bend
  • ASTM A815 WPX UNS S32205 mitered pipe bend
  • ASTM A815 UNS S32205 2.5d pipe bend
  • SA 815 S32205 short radius bend
  • A815 WPS S32205 piggable bend
  • SA 815 UNS S32205 hot induction bend
  • UNS S32205 seamless pipe bend
  • EN/ DIN 1.4462
  • ASME B16.9
  • ASME B16.49
  • DN15 – DN 1500
  • OD 1/2” to 60”

ASTM A815 S32205 elbow

Types Standard Dimensions
  • ASTM A815 WPS 32205 buttweld elbow
  • 90 degree ASTM A815 WPS 32205 elbow
  • 180 degree ASTM A815 WPX UNS S32205 elbow
  • ASTM A815 WP-S UNS S32205 3d elbow
  • A815 WPS S32205 long radius elbow
  • UNS S32205 short radius elbow
  • 45 degree SA 815 UNS S32205 elbow
  • DIN 2615
  • JIS B2312
  • ASME B16.9
  • 1/2” – 48”

SA 815 S32205 tee & reducer

Types Standard Dimensions
  • A815 UNS S32205 saddle tee
  • WPS S32205 duplex steel lateral tee
  • SA 815 UNS S32205 Y tee
  • A815 S32205 swept tee
  • SA 815 UNS S32205 barred tee
  • ASTM A815 S32205 concentric reducer
  • SA 815 UNS S32205 buttweld reducer
  • ASTM A815 WPS 32205 eccentric reducer
  • SA 815 UNS S32205 buttweld tee
  • UNS S32205 reducing tee
  • SA 815 S32205 equal tee
  • ASME B16.9
  • 1/2” – 48”

ASTM A815 S32205 stub end & cap

Types Standard Dimensions
  • WPS S32205 duplex steel lap joint stub end
  • SA 815 UNS S32205 seamless end cap
  • ASTM A815 WPS S32205 short stub end
  • A815 WPS S32205 long stub end
  • SA 815 S32205 welded end cap
  • ASME B16.9
  • MSS SP-43 type A
  • MSS SP-43 type B
  • MSS SP-43 type C
  • 1/2” – 36”

A815 UNS S32205 equivalent standard

STANDARD UNS Tradename Density (g/cm3) WERKSTOFF NR.
Duplex S32205 S32205 F51 / 2205, F60 7.805 1.4462

ASTM A815 S32205 chemical composition

Chemical Element % Present
Carbon (C) 0.00 – 0.03
Chromium (Cr) 21.00 – 23.00
Phosphorous(P) 0.00 – 0.03
Sulphur(S) 0.00 – 0.02
Nickel(Ni) 4.50 – 6.50
Nitrogen(N) 0.08 – 0.20
Molybdenum(Mo) 2.50 – 3.50
Silicon(Si) Balance
Iron(Fe) Balance
Manganese(Mn) Balance

SA 815 S32205 mechanical properties

Mechanical Property Value
Hardness Brinell 290 Max HB
Elongation A50 mm 25 Min %
Proof Stress 450 Min MPa
Tensile Strength 620 Min MPa

A815 S32205 physical properties

Physical Property Value
Density 7.805 g/cm³
Electrical Resistivity 0.85 x10^-6 Ω .m
Modulus of Elasticity 200 GPa
Thermal Expansion 13.7 x10^-6 /K
Thermal Conductivity 19.0 W/m.K

ASTM A815 UNS S32205 fittings material

ASTM A815 S32205 stub end specification

SA 815 S32205 stub end standard A815 S32205 stub end schedule Type of stub end Installed with
  • Schedule 5S
  • Schedule 10S
ASTM A815 S32205 Type A Lap Joint Flange
ASME B16.9
  • Schedule STD
  • Schedule XS
butt weld stub end Lap joint Flange
  • Schedule 5S
  • Schedule 10S
UNS S32205 Type B Slip On Flange

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The alloy can be used at higher temperatures, compared to the regularly used grade 304. However, the ASTM A815 UNS S32205 Fittings are not suited to extremely high-temperature environments. They are strictly limited to use up to 300°C. Higher temperatures result in the fittings becoming susceptible to precipitation.

Elbows are fittings that connect a piping system and influence a flow by either 45 or 90 degrees. They are useful in industries such as waste management and oil and gas. An elbow may also be used to connect 2 pipes of different sizes in a customised direction.

Duplex end cap fittings are not just used to terminate a connection in pipelines. But they stop the flow of media while the piping system is inspected, cleaned or maintained.

View chemical composition & advantages of ASTM A815 S32205 return bends, NDT test is done for SA 815 UNS S32205 pipe cross to ensure a leak-free connection

A return bend is used in systems where sediment accumulation is a common occurrence. When used in a piping system, they prevent the deposition of minerals and sediments in the sprinkler. They also prevent the formation of scales in the pipes. Return bends are typically seen in applications where there is a possibility of future remodelling. They also have good resistance to different chemicals and have good mechanical strength between 300°C to -50°C.

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The difference between the fitting’s inner and outer diameter will give you the thickness for both, the ASTM A815 WPS 32205 Long and Short Radius Elbow.