ASTM B127 washers

ASTM B127 Washers

What are ASTM B127 washers ?

The ASTM B127 washer covers rolled nickel, copper alloy specifications of fasteners. These ASTM B127 Washers allow for even weight and pressure distribution in the equipment. They also protect the material against damage in harsh environments. An SB127 Split Washer has good corrosion resistance properties and is tolerant to oxidative affluents. The versatile grade of B127 Belleville Washer has a minimum tensile strength of 485mpa with a minimum yield strength of 195mpa. These washers can be elongated by 25% in the system. ASME SB127 UNS N04400 Square Washers can handle temperatures up to 1020 degrees C with enhanced resistance to alkalis. These washers allow connection with bolts, nuts, rods, etc. The ASTM B127 Spring Washer has a hardness between 82 to 90 Rockwell B. They are available in a range of sizes to meet project requirements.

ASTM B127 Washers Specifications

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What is ASTM B127 material?

The ASTM B127 material covers standard UNS N04400 standard specifications. ASTM B127 Material cover solid solution alloy that is hardened via the cold working process. The material has good corrosion resistance properties and good tensile and yield strength. They can be hot or cold worked and can be annealed at temperatures up to 926 degrees C.

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How do you determine the shear strength of an ASME SB127 flat washers?

The shear strength is the material’s resistance to shear load before it fails under stress. ASME SB127 Flat Washers shear strength is calculated by taking 60% of its tensile strength.

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How do you calculate torque for ASTM B127 fender washers?

Determining the torque determines its tightening performance in the system. ASTM B127 Fender Washers torque is calculated using the formula T= K x D x P.
Here T= desired tightening torque
K= coefficient of friction
D= diameter of the washer
P= desired tensile load

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What lengths do B127 lock washers come in?

The B127 lock washer is a fastener that creates a strong sealing preventing loosening due to friction or stress. B127 Lock Washers are available in lengths from 3/16 to 1.469 inches.

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Where are ASME SB127 plain washers used?

The ASME SB127 plain washer is the most common type of washer that has a good locking function. ASME SB127 Plain Washer is used in the chemical industry, pumps, valves, shafts, petrochemical industry, etc.