ASTM B161 pipe

ASTM B161 Pipe

What is ASTM B161?

ASTM, or the American Society for Testing Materials, is a prestigious standardized organization for materials, including metals and alloys. Producing pipes and tubes as per the ASTM specifications ensures their quality and performance. From the chemical composition to safety, following these specifications is critical.

ASTM B 161 specifications are for nickel and low-carbon nickel alloys. It is also for the specifications for the UNS N02200 and UNS N02201 tubes. Many tests confirm ASTM B161 tubes to be safe for use in applications at high temperatures and pressure.

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ASTM B161 Pipe specification

ASTM B161 Pipe Specification

ASTM B161 Pipe Properties

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What is the specification of the ASTM B161 pipe?

ASTM, a prestigious standardization organization for over 120 years, specifies standards for many metals and alloys. ASTM B161 specifications are for nickel and low-carbon nickel alloys. It defines the chemical composition for users to buy suitable seamless pipes and tubes per their application requirements.

ASTM B161 pipe has a suitable chemical composition of nickel, copper, iron, manganese, carbon, sulphur and silicon. Also, it specifies many tests like tension test, hydrostatic test, nondestructive electric test and others to have the correct yield, tensile strength, elongation, and others. Nickel alloys are available in many sizes, varying thicknesses, lengths, and grades.

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How does the nondestructive electric test perform on ASTM B161 nickel seamless pipe?

Eddy current test is one of the nondestructive electric test methods to detect any irregularities on the pipe or tube surface. The test is done by running electronic probes through the pipe or tube surfaces. The data collected from such tests are processed using software that detects damages in the pipes and tubes.

Find importers of ASTM b161 seamless pipe material in ANSI Sch 80, 40, or 60 with PMI testing and full sample retention. You should also check into the materials that are covered by ASME sb-161.

Which material is covered by ASME SB-161?

ASME, or the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, is an over 140 years old prestigious standardizing organization for metals and alloys. Each alloy specifies standards for its chemical composition and mechanical properties. ASME SB-161 specification covers nickel alloys with UNS NO2200 and low-carbon nickel alloys with UNS N02201.

ASME SB-161 pipe, made from nickel alloys with 99% nickel with excellent conductive power, is helpful in nuclear plants and other potential applications. Hence manufacturers of UNS N02200 and UNS N02201 pipes and tubes conduct many tests to find any defects and to comply with the ASTM and ASME specifications.

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What are the benefits of ASTM B161 seamless pipe?

ASTM B161 seamless pipe made of nickel or low-carbon nickel alloys has excellent electrical conductivity. Also, they have many mechanical properties and corrosion resistance for various applications in different sectors.

Compare the costs of ASME sb 161 seamless tube from two or more reputable GCC suppliers before making a purchase. Verify the weight, sizes, and thickness.

ASTM B161 seamless tubes have improved fabrication characteristics and enhanced thermal stability over their previous versions. Also, these seamless pipes will not need additional pickling as the heat tint gets removed after welding to produce a smooth surface without any defects. Many tests confirm it to be useful for applications in the aerospace sector and also in heat furnaces and exchangers.