ASTM B171 washers

ASTM B171 Washers

These washers are super stronger and capable of handling heavy load, high pressure and tension. ASTM B171 washers display outstanding deep drawing characteristics. The washers exhibit excellent cold forming characteristics and high ductility. They effectively reduce the overall stress. SB171 Shim Washers are manufactured through hot and cold forging methods. The heat treatment for ASTM B171 material includes stress relieving, hot rolled and As drawn. The washers are widely used in the sea water, construction, automotive, oil, gas, intendedfor valve, pumps and engineering applications.

Suppliers of ASTM B171 material in UAE

They display superb fatigue resistance and exhibit absolute toughness. The washers are highly resistant to atmospheric contaminants due to their strong protective surface coatings of zinc, cadmium, hot dipped galvanized, dacromet, phosphate and PTFE. They are available in various thread types such as UNF, BA, UNC, UN8, BSF, metric fine and many more.

Specification of ASTM B171 washers

ASTM B171 Washers Specifications

Imperial Sizes Metric sizes Threads
1/2″ to 1-1/2″ M1 to M100
  • UNF
  • UNC
  • UNR
  • UNJ
  • UN8
Length Process Forms
3mm – 200 mm
  • Hot forging
  • Cold Forging
  • Form E
  • Form A
  • Form C
  • Form D
  • Form B
  • Form G
Material Equivalent grades Standards
Copper alloy
  • C36500
  • C44300
  • C44400
  • C44500
  • C46400
  • C46500
  • C61300
  • C61400
  • C63000
  • C63200
  • C70600
  • C70620
  • C71500
  • C71520
  • C72200
  • ASTM B171
Heat treatment of ASTM B171 C46400 Flat washers Mechanical properties of B171 C70600 Square Washers Key Features of B171 C61400 Plain Washer
  • Stress relieving
  • Hot rolled
  • As drawn
  • Tensile strength: 550-620 MPa
  • Yield strength: 195-235 MPa
  • Elongation: 10%
  • Superb cold forming
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Excellent deep drawing characteristics
  • Optimum combination of strength & ductility
Types Application of ASTM B171 C63000 Split Washer Origin
  • Split Lock washer
  • External Tooth Lock washer
  • Fender washer
  • Sealing washer
  • Flat washer
  • Spring washer
  • Finishing washer
  • Dock washer
  • Ogee washer
  • Square washer
  • Internal Tooth Lock washer
  • Intendedfor valve
  • Pump
  • Genral engineering
  • Automotive
  • Oil & Gas
  • Sea Water
  • East Europe
  • Japan
  • South America
  • Korea
Test performed All listed ASTM B171 washers manufacturers of provide Coating
  • Torsion test
  • Hardness test
  • Mill Test Certificate
  • Raw Materials Certificate
  • Third Party Inspection Report
  • EN 10204 3.1
  • EN 10204 3.2
  • NACE MR 0103
  • Zinc Coated
  • Hot Dipped Galvanizing
  • Dacromet
  • PTFE Coated
  • Phosphate Coated
  • Cadmium Coated

Check ASTM B171 C46400 flat washers and C70600 lock washers sizes and tensile strength

ASTM B171 C46400 flat washer are very versatile and available in different lengths, thread type, surface coatings and metric size range up to M1 to M100. ASTM B171 C70600 lock washers exhibit high tensile strength of 550-620 MPa. These washers display absolute toughness with strong mechanical properties.

Buy ASTM B171 C63000 split washer in hot dip galvanized finish in United Arab Emirates. Also see C70600 square washers torque chart

The super protective hot dip galvanized surface coating finish ASTM B171 C63000 split washer makes them highly resistance against corrosion, oxidation and chemicals. You can contact our verified suppliers and distributors who are offering you top-notch quality products and get more details on the product quality and its specifications with best negotiable and reasonable pricing rates. Before purchasing C70600 square washers properly check its torque chart given on the platform in its specific page and make sure you purchase the right material for your application.

B171 C63000 belleville washer in M10 to M100 metric sizes, view B171 C61400 plain washer and shim washers sizes and characteristic

We observed many industrial customers faced some major problems or defects in the washer such as lack of effective bearing strength, frequent breaking in high pressure applications and unable to prevent loosening of bolts. You can contact are verified manufacturers who are providing you highest quality B171 C63000 Belleville washer which exhibit excellent bearing strength, capable of handing heavy load and high pressure and successfully prevent loosening bolts.

Find various verified ASME SB171 spring washer stockists in Dubai and compare response times and price of ASTM B171 alloy no.61400 fender washers in the Middle East and Asia

The price of ASME SB171 spring washer depend on the shipping destination, supply chain, packaging and country standards. The price may vary with respect to different international ports. You can contact our verified stockist in Dubai and get best reasonable pricing rates. You can compare the pricelist of ASTM B171 alloy no.61400 fender washers with our verified suppliers in the Middle East and Asia and purchase best product at affordable pricing rates.

ASTM B171 C63000 split washer Chemical Composition

ASTM B171 Washers Chemical Composition

ASME SB171 Washers Mechanical Properties

ASTM B171 Washers Mechanical Properties