ASTM b407 pipe

ASTM B407 Pipe

What is ASTM B407?

The demand for seamless pipes that keep the premium quality of the material used has become essential in many applications. It is apart from the high heat and corrosion resistance required in heat exchangers, carburizing, heating equipment, etc. So, manufacturers made ASTM B407 nickel-iron-chromium alloy seamless pipe seamless pipes to fulfil such needs.

ASTM B407 is the international standard per the Decision on Principles for the Development of International Standards. TBT, or Technical Barriers of Trade Committee of the World Trade Organization, issued the criteria for nickel-iron-chromium alloys to have 39.5% iron, 19 to 23% chromium, 30-35% nickel, and copper 1.25%.

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ASTM B407 Pipe specification

ASTM B407 Pipe Specification

ASTM B407 Pipe Properties

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Which grade is covered by ASTM B407 specification?

The international ASTM B407 specification covers many grades of nickel-iron-chromium alloy standards. Most of it belongs to Incoloy superalloys in the category of austenitic superalloys. The standards are for the ASTM B407 seamless pipe to be suitable for high temperatures above 1100F with creeping rupture resistance.

Many grades covered ASTM B407 specification for materials like Incoloy alloy with nickel-iron-chromium composition. It UNS or unique numbering system of these alloys in the hot finishes and cold worked annealed seamless tubes and pipes. It includes UNS N01820, UNS N0681, UNS 08800, UNS N0880, UNS N08810, UNS N08811, and UNS N08890.

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What are the annealing temperatures of the ASTM B407 pipe?

ASTM B407 pipes are suitable for applications with service temperatures of 1100 F or 593C. It is for the grades UNS N08800 and N06811, and for UNS N08120, N008810 and N08811 are best for service temperatures above 1100F and 593 C applications needing creep and rupture resistance.

To have optimal properties in such high temperatures, to develop controlled grain size, and conform to chemical composition limits, annealing at a specific temperature is essential. The annealing temperature of ASTM B407 is at a minimum of 2150F or 1177C for UNS N08120 and 2050F or 1120C for N08810.

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What is a planimetric method of measurement?

Since pipes and tubes need more hardness to withstand high temperatures, pressure, and corrosion resistance, their grain size matters as the smaller the size, the more the hardness, and the fewer grain boundaries increase, the free flow of the media without obstacles. Hence it is essential to know about the planimetric method of measuring grain size to see the hardness of pipes and tubes.

The planimetric method is the actual count of the number of grains for a specified known area. And the metric involves many grains per unit area, NA, to determine the ASTM grain size G.

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What is the allowable fiber stress ASME SB407 tube?

The allowable fiber stress of the ASME SB407 tube depends on the wall thickness, OD or outside diameter, and the grades. For pipes and tubes with an OD of 3.2mm with a wall thickness of 0.38 mm, tested for hydrostatic pressure of 6.9 MPa or 1000 psi should not exceed the allowable fiber stress to avoid leakages.

ASME SB407 specifications for different grades in cold drawn annealed or hot finished conditions include the following.

  • Cold-drawn annealed or hot-finished – 22500 psi.
  • Cold-drawn annealed or hot-finished – 16600 psi.
  • Annealed alloy UNS N08120 – 155 MPa
  • Annealed alloys UNS N08810 – 115 MPa
  • N08800 and all alloys UNS N08890 – 130 MPa
  • Hot-finished as hot-finished, or hot- 16600 psi
  • Finished annealed alloy UNS N08800 – 115 MPa
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What is the ordering information needed to buy ASTM B407 tubing?

ASTM B407 specifications are for many grades of Incoloy austenitic superalloys. Also, the UNS standards confirm the correct chemical composition of these Incoloy nickel-iron-chromium alloys.

Hence the ordering information needed to buy ASTM B407 tubing includes the correct chemical composition. Also, check the allowable fiber stress of ASTM B407-08A tubes to avoid leaking and other issues. The testing certificates confirming the tensile, yield strength, elongation percentage, grain size, and others are also essential to buy the best pipe and tubes from reputed suppliers.