ASTM b423 pipe

ASTM B423 Pipe

What is ASTM B423?

The need for strong pipes and tubes is increasing in many sectors. It includes nuclear fuel reprocessing, handling radioactive wastes, pollution control, acid production, etc. Hence nickel iron alloys with molybdenum, copper and others increase the strength of pipes and tubes. to be useful for such applications.

The prestigious international standardizing body. ASME, or the American Society for Mechanical Engineers, specifies standards for such alloys. ASME SB423 material is one such superalloy to have strength for the seamless pipes and tubes and corrosion resistance.

Pipes and tubes made of high nickel alloys are resistant to chloride iron stress cracking corrosion. ASME SB 423 and ASTM B423 specify standards for high nickel alloys to make pipes suitable for high end applications in many sectors.

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ASTM B423 Pipe specification

ASTM B423 Pipe Specification

ASTM B423 Pipe Properties

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ASTM B423 vs B407

ASTM B423 and B407 specify nickel-iron-chromium alloy standards to make strong, corrosion-resistant pipes and tubes. ASTM B 423 is the standard specification for cold-rolled and hot-finished seamless pipes and tubes with a high nickel content of up to 46%. But B407 is a specified standard for pipes with only a low nickel content of up to 35%.

ASTM B423 having high nickel is more stress cracking corrosion resistant than B407. Also B407 has over 40% more iron than ASTM B423, having less iron of 22% makes B407 less corrosion-resistant than B423. ASTM B423 is also stronger with molybdenum and copper, which is not with B407.

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Which material comes under ASTM B423 specification?

Incoloy 825 superalloy is the material coming under the ASTM B423 specification for use in many applications in several sectors. ASTM B423-11 pipes made of Incoloy 825, having high nickel and chromium, are stronger and have high corrosion resistance. Also available in many shapes like ASTM B423 square tube and ASTM B423 round tube is suitable for specific applications.

Incoloy 825 material under ASTM B423 specification has equivalent material in UNS N08825 or WERKSTOFF NR 2.4858 or ASME SB 423 for use in many applications.

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Why is ASTM B423 pipe suitable for general corrosive service?

ASTM B423 pipe has the right composition to be suitable for general corrosive service. While the high nickel content fights against chlorine-induced stress corrosion also resist intergranular corrosion. B423 welded pipes refuse to get sensitized by grain boundary precipitates. The significant reasons are the addition of titanium and the heat treatment.

The copper in the B423 tubes provides excellent resistance to corrosion in applications involving reduced environments. Also, with over 20% chromium in the total composition, it has many general corrosion properties to serve several sectors effectively.

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Is ASTM B423 seamless nickel alloy pipes corrosion-resistant?

Yes. Because of its rare chemical composition, ASTM B423 seamless nickel alloy pipes have high corrosion resistance properties. ASTM B423 nickel-iron-chromium-molybdenum-copper alloy seamless pipe has all the elements to be highly corrosion resistant. In addition, it has small quantities of titanium, aluminum, silicon, and sulfur to increase the corrosion resistance of ASME SB423 seamless pipe.

ASTM B423 seamless tubes are best suited for many applications in extreme environments that need intergranular and chlorine stress cracking corrosion. Because of nickel, the seamless pipe is strong and corrosion-resistant.

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What are the advantages of the ASME SB423 tube?

ASME SB423 tube made per the standard specifications for Incoloy 825 super alloy has many advantages over others. It is because of the unique chemical composition of nickel-iron-chromium-molybdenum-copper in the right percentages. Also, with small quantities of others like titanium and aluminum, it has excellent physical and mechanical properties.

The few advantages of ASME SB423 pipes and tubes include the following among others:

  • It provides many forms of corrosion resistance, like intergranular, chlorine-induced stress crack, and general corrosion.
  • It is strong because of the high nickel content along with molybdenum, titanium, and copper to withstand high temperature and pressure in many applications