ASTM B464 pipe

ASTM b464 pipe

What is ASTM B464?

Carpenter 20 pipes having nickel up to 38% and chromium up to 21% are best for power generation, petrochemical and other industries applications. UNS No8020 also has iron 35%, copper 4%, molybdenum 3%, manganese 2%, and silicon 1%. It also has niobium, tantalum, carbon, phosphorous, sulfur, etc.

ASTM B464 is the specification standard for high-performance nickel alloys of UNS Nos. 8020, 8024 and 8026. The manufacturers comply with the specifications from chemical composition to mechanical properties and use. Also, conduct many tests, of which few are mandatory and others as per customers’ requirements to get high-quality pipes and tubes.

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ASTM B464 Pipe specification

ASTM B464 Pipe Specification

ASTM B464 Pipe Properties

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Which material is covered by ASTM B464 specification?

ASTM B464 specification covers welded pipes useful for applications that require general corrosion resistance and high-temperature service. It is because of using low carbon, niobium-stabilized austenitic nickel-chromium-iron alloy with copper, molybdenum and manganese to make ASTM B464 pipes and tubes.

The other materials covered by ASTM B464 specifications include UNS No8024 and UNS No8026. Both are nickel alloys with chromium, iron as a primary composition, and a few other elements. Hence they have varying corrosion resistance, temperature and pressure, withstanding potential for use in many applications in several sectors.

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Which property make ASTM B464 welded pipe suitable for high-temperature service?

There are many excellent properties of ASTM B464 welded pipe because of its unique combination of nickel-chromium-iron in high quantities. It also has other robust elements like molybdenum, manganese, niobium, copper, etc. The significant properties for ASME SB464 welded pipe to be suitable for high-temperature service include the following, among others.

  • The high thermal conductivity and the low coefficient of thermal expansion make it ideal for high-temperature service.
  • Have high resistance to thermal creep deformation even for high temperature involved applications
  • Reduces carbide precipitation at the grain boundaries during heat treatment, even at high-temperature at the grain boundaries

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Which welding process is best to make ASME SB464m pipe?

ASME SB464m pipe made from Incoloy 20, having high nickel and chromium content, is best for many applications in various sectors. ASTM SB 464 pipes have higher annealed strength and hence need higher power requirements during cold formation. Thus it has 305 higher annealed strength than 304 and 316 steel.

The automated welding process of Incoloy flat sheets without filler material produces ASTM B464m-15 pipe. Further, it undergoes heat treatment for delivery at the customers’ supply condition for specific uses.

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What is the transverse guided bend test of ASTM B464 tubing?

ASTM B464 tubing needs a transverse guided bend test rather than the usual uniaxial tension or compression test. The customers need to know the many aspects of the pipes and tubes’ behaviour for specific uses. During bending or flexing the line, it undergoes a complex combination of forces like compression, shear and tension. Hence it provides the pipes with realistic loading situations.

Bend tests on ASTM B464 pipe give the maximum strain and fibre stress for each load increment. And the many findings are plotted on a stress-strain diagram to calculate the flexural strength.

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What is the heat treatment of ASTM B464 welded alloy pipe?

ASTM B464 welded alloy pipe had a high thermal conductivity of 12.3 W/mK metric and² degrees F imperial. Also, it has a low thermal coefficient of 14.7 µm/m°C metric or 8.17 µin/in°F at 20 to 100 C or 68 to 212 F.

Hence to make pipes with low thermal co-efficient and high thermal conductivity, the heat treatment of ASTM B464 pipes and tubes should be at a temperature range of 1800-1850 F or 982 -1010 C. Also, the hot or cold formed of Incoloy 20 to make pipe fittings should be 1400 to 2150 F or 760 to 1175 C.