ASTM b468 tube

ASTM b468 tube

What is ASTM B468 ?

The need for the right tubes for condensers, boilers, and heat exchangers is on the rise. It is to withstand the high temperature and pressure apart from fighting corrosion. Hence specifications for alloys with exceptional resistance to chemical environments like acids and chlorides became essential.

ASTM B468 specifies such solid alloys with superior corrosion resistance in extreme environments. It covers low-carbon nickel alloys and niobium-stabilized austenitic nickel-iron-chromium alloys. UNS N08020, N08024, and N08026 are the boiler, heat exchanger, and condenser tubes covered by ASTM B468 specifications.

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ASTM B468 Tube specification

ASTM B468 Tube Specification

ASTM B468 Tube Properties

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ASTM B468 vs B619

ASTM B468 and B619 are specifications of nickel-chromium alloys but with varying percentages and other elements. If molybdenum strengthens B619 pipes with molybdenum, B468 is stabilized by niobium. Though both are specifications for austenitic alloys, there are many differences including the following.

  • B468 pipes and tubes are useful in heat exchangers, condensers, and boilers, whereas B619 is best for nuclear reactors, oil offshore drilling, and others
  • B468 welded tubing has three alloy grades, but B619 has many grades of Hastelloy, schedule steels of 5S, 10S, 40S and 80S

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Which tubes come under ASTM B468 specification?

ASTM B468 specifications cover three grades of niobium-stabilized low-carbon austenitic nickel-iron-chromium alloys with additional copper, molybdenum, and others. The specification ensures ASME SB 468 welded alloy tubes’ exceptional corrosion resistance to extreme environments containing nitric, sulphuric, phosphoric, and other acids and chlorides. All the pipes and tubes made as per the ASTM B468 specification is useful in many applications in various sectors.

The tubes covered by ASTM B468 specifications include the following, among others.

  • UNS N08020 is nickel alloy 20 helpful for acidic environments containing applications in power generation, pharmaceutical, food processing, etc.
  • UNS N08024 tubes made from low base cost nickel alloy offer excellent crevice and pitting resistance
  • UNS N08026 tubes with nickel alloys having additional molybdenum have high tensile strength and corrosion resistance.

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How is the ASTM B468 welded tube made?

The making of the ASTM B468 welded tube should be as per the specifications to confirm chemical composition, tensile & yield strength, and elongation requirements. The furnishing of the three grades of ASME SB468 welded tube differs. UNS N0820 supply is in stabilized-annealed condition. UNS N0824 furnishing is in the annealed condition, and UNS N0826 is in the solution annealed condition. Making three grades of ASTM B468 pipes and tubes involves automating the welding process with no addition of filler material Before the final heating treatment after welding, cold working is essential to increase strength.

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What is the stabilized-annealed condition of ASTM B468 tubing?

The stabilized-annealed condition of ASTM B468 tubing ensures its chemical and thermal stability for many sensitive applications. Of the three grades of the ASTM B468 alloys, only the UNS N0820 supply is in the stabilized-annealed condition. UNS N0820 alloy has less than one percent of niobium which helps to precipitate the carbon during thermal stabilization. Hence UNS N0820 grade alloy pipes are strong enough not to crack even under extreme pressure.

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How flange tests perform on each end of the ASTM B468 boiler tube?

Flange tests on the ASTM B468 boiler tube prove its integrity if new welds are added. It is a better test than traditional pipe flooding for hydro testing as it consumes time and is expensive.
ASME SB468 heat exchanger tube undergoing flange tests with reduced costs and time to establish the strength for use in many applications

ASTM B468 condenser tube undergoes a flange test using a flange weld tester to find the integrity of new welds added to it. Reputed suppliers deliver pipes and tubes as per all the specifications of ASTM B468, including flange tests to confirm the integrity.