ASTM b514 pipe

ASTM B514 Pipe

What is ASTM B514?

In 1952 Incoloy superalloy of nickel and chromium with other elements were introduced for pipes and tubes for use in acidic environments at high temperature. For the past 70 years, these high-performance alloys of super austenitic stainless steel have been influential in piping systems.

ASTM B514 is the specification standard for Incoloy 800 series superalloys and Haynes® HR 120 alloys. The UNS or unified numbering system numbers for the three ASTM B514 specifications include N0880, N08810, and N08120. The manufacturers of ASTM B514 welded pipes and tubes comply with aerospace, gas processing, and power generation specifications.

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ASTM B514 Pipe specification

ASTM B514 Pipe Specification

ASTM B514 Pipe Properties

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ASTM B514 vs B464

ASTM B514 and B464 specifications are for nickel-iron-chromium alloys but with different compositions. Hence the pipes and tubes made according to the two specifications have unique properties and uses for their many grades. The following are a few differences between the ASTM B514 and B46 pipes and tubes.

  • ASTM B514 specification is for UNS numbers N0880, N08810 and N08120 whereas for B464 is for UNS N08020
  • ASTM B514 is for both Haynes and Incoloy superalloys, whereas B464 is for low carbon niobium stabilized carpenter alloys
  • ASTM B514 800 series Incoloy super alloys have more chromium and nickel content than B464 alloys

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Which material is included in the ASME SB514 specification?

The ASME SB 514 , similar to ASTM B514, covers nickel-iron-chromium alloys in annealed, cold-worked, and welded forms. Three UNS or unified numbering system alloys come under the ASME SB 514 specifications, including the following, among others.

  • UNS N08800, which is the Incoloy 800 with 520 and 207 MPa tensile and yield strength with 30% elongation for ASME SB 514 pipe
  • UNS N08810, which is Incoloy 800H with 450 and 170 MPa tensile and yield strength with the same percentage elongation for ASME SB 514 tube
  • UNS N08120, which is NAS 38X or Hastelloy with 735 and 375 MPa tensile and yield strength and 50% elongation

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Which alloys are furnished by ASTM B514?

ASTM B514 specifications standards are for Incoloy and Hastelloy nickel-iron-chromium alloys with other elements. The following are the chemical composition of the alloys furnished by ASTM B514.

  • UNS N0880 has 30 to 35% nickel, 19 to 23% chromium and 38.5% iron, and 1.5% manganese
  • UNS N08810 30 – 32 % nickel, 22 – 24 % of chromium, small quantities of less than percentages of carbon, silicon, manganese, aluminum, copper, titanium, etc., and remaining iron
  • UNS N08120 with 35 – 39% nickel, 23 – 27% chromium, cobalt 3%, tungsten 2.5%, manganese 1.5%, and many others in less than one percent.
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How to prevent ASTM B514 welded nickel-iron-chromium alloy pipe from cracking?

ASTM B514 welded nickel-iron-chromium alloy pipe made Incoloy 800 and 800 H super alloys primarily used in acidic environments. For the past seven decades, ASTM B514-05 pipe has had high resistance to polythionic acid and chloride ion-induced stress cracking corrosion.

ASME SB514 pipe made using flat rolled Incoloy or Hastelloy with no filler material by automatic welding prevents from cracking even at high temperatures. Also, cold working after welding in the weld or base metal and a scale-free finish furnishing prevents cracking.

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How is an ultrasonic test performed on ASTM B514 tubing?

Ultrasonic test performed for ASTM B514 tubing using high-frequency sound waves detects cracking and pitting, corrosion, and abrasion resistance. UT or ultrasonic test is for finding abnormalities on volumetric levels that other tests cannot detect.

New ultrasonic test techniques go beyond finding the defect type and detecting even minor flaws that go unnoticed by other NDT tests. PAUT or phased array ultrasonic testing instrument with corrosion scanner helps to find even hard-to-detect flaws. UT or ultrasonic test enhances corrosion resistance by detecting even tiny flaws for use in many applications across various sectors.