ASTM b516 tube

ASTM B516 Tube

What is ASTM B516?

Inconel super alloys of nickel-chromium with other elements for the past ninety years are best for making high-performing pipes and tubes. There are many grades depending on the high alloy content, which is 72% for Inconel 600. Also, the other elements added to it vary from aluminium, cobalt, molybdenum, etc., making it challenging to choose the right one.

ASTM B516 specifications for the Inconel alloys mandate the right composition, properties, sizes, and others to choose the right pipes and tubes. The Inconel grades under the specifications include UNS N06600, N06601, N06603, N06025, N06045, N06690, and N06693 tubes.

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ASTM B516 Tube specification

ASTM B516 Tube Specification

ASTM B516 Tube Properties

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ASTM B516 vs B468

ASTM B516 and B468 are specifications for nickel-chromium alloys with other elements for use in applications in extreme conditions. It is because of confirming the high nickel and chromium content in the pipes made of the alloys. But with varying compositions of nickel and chromium and additional elements, there are also many differences. A few of them include the following, among others.

  • The nickel content of one B516 grade UNS N06600 is 72%, which is higher for all the B468 specified alloys.
  • While there are only three grades of B468 alloys, there are seven grades for B516 of nickel-chromium alloys for use in many applications

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What is ASTM B516 welded tube specification?

ASTM B516 welded tube specifications are for the following grades among others:

  • UNS N06600 has 72% nickel, 14-17% chromium, 6-10% iron, 1% manganese and mall quantities of phosphorous, silicon, sulphur, etc
  • UNS N06601 is a nickel-chromium alloy with aluminium to have high oxidation and corrosive resistance
  • UNS N06603 has a maximum of 65% nickel, 26% chromium, 15% iron, 3% aluminium and others to have high strength.
  • UNS N06025 has 58% nickel, high chromium of up to 23% and molybdenum of 10% and niobium of 4% to have super strength and superior corrosion resistance
  • UNS N06045, UN06690, and UNS N06693 are the other grades with varying nickel and chromium content, along with other elements to be useful in many sectors

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Is ASTM B516 pipe suitable for low- or high-temperature services?

Yes. ASTM B516 pipe is suitable for low or high-temperature services. It is because they are made from flat-rolled ASTM B516 specified alloy using automatic welding without adding any filler metal. After welding, it undergoes a cold working process, either on the weld metal or with the base metal. Also, final annealing is essential to furnish the oxide removed.

Since pipes and tubes made from ASTM B516 specified alloys to be suitable for low and high-temperature services, there are many reasons. Among them, nickel-chromium alloys have manganese, molybdenum, aluminium and others. Also, the alloys excel in descaling resistance in cyclic oxidation applications with a high-temperature variation.

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Which nondestructive tests perform on the ASME SB516 tube?

Since ASME SB 516 tube is best for heat exchanger, boiler, and condenser applications, it undergoes many tests. It includes tests flange and flattening tests to identify surface ruptures because of surface imperfections. Also, it undergoes one of the following NDT or nondestructive tests to confirm chemical composition, tensile & yield strength, elongation, etc.

  • Hydrostatic tests are performed using water as the test medium or pneumatic test to check for leaks and avoid damage.
  • Pneumatic tests performed using air, nitrogen, or any non-toxic and non-inflammable gas checks the pressure-withstanding capability of the pipes.
  • Eddy’s current test inspects for surface flaws, and ultrasonic technology assesses any harbour deviations on a volumetric level.
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What information need to specify to order ASTM B516 tubing?

Specifying the information to order ASTM B516 tubing to fulfil the purpose of use in specific applications is essential. Buying an expensive ASTM A516 nickel-chromium-iron alloy tube needs the right detail not to waste money. Buying the right grade among the seven available per the requirement and budget is essential.

ASTM A516 grade B tubing should comply with the specifications in OD or outer diameter of 1/8 inch to 5 inches or 3.18 to 127 mm
The ASME AB516 nickel-chromium-aluminum alloy tube should be 0.015 to 0.500 inch or 0.38 to 12.7 mm in various dimensional requirements for wall thickness.